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Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Currently, although it has become one of the most widely used treatments in the aesthetic sector, laser hair removal should be noted that this hair removal technique has some drawbacks:

  • Laser hair removal is not a definitive treatment, because it is only possible to remove up to 80% -90% of the hairs (it is therefore necessary to resort to new maintenance sessions).
    It is a contraindicated treatment for certain groups.
  • You need to see a doctor. These are the people who need to perform laser hair removal. They must also know how to use advanced equipment. This point becomes positive, because a good aesthetic medicine center must carefully assess each case and advise the patient on the best solution for her.
  • Laser hair removal can cause skin damage, such as burns, blemishes, irritation or scarring, if the laser hair removal technique has not been used correctly.
  • It is a more expensive treatment than other hair removal techniques.
  • Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable for some women or men. Although it is not a painful treatment, the action of the laser generates some discomfort.
  • After the first session, the laser hairy area should be smeared with sunscreen for several days. After applying hair removal, the skin is very sensitive and the action of the sun can cause blemishes.
  • Hair removal is not highly recommended for men. Due to men’s hormones, their hair grows faster. As a result, men will have to resort to maintenance sessions more often.
  • Hair removal should not be applied to the eyebrow area as it can be harmful to the eyes.

Questions to ask before having laser hair removal

The last step before choosing a Laser hair removal Manhasset clinic or the professional who will perform the treatment will be the personal interview with the doctor at the clinic or the professional at the center who is treating you. We will provide you with a guide to help you determine and choose the professional who offers you the best guarantees and gives you the best security.

Questions regarding the hair removal equipment to use. The purpose of these questions is to receive information about laser machines from a particular hair removal clinic:

  • Types of lasers are available for hair removal?
  • How old is your laser equipment?
  • Is laser technology the latest equipment?
  • How much laser equipment do you have?
  • Is this type of laser suitable for my skin and hair type?
  • What laser equipment would you treat me with?

Even if you do not have technical knowledge of hair removal devices, the type of response and the mode of response will help you distinguish between clinics that have the most suitable and modern laser technology. Also, if you ask the same question to professionals from different clinics, you will be able to see which of the answers they give you that you find most convincing.

This is the time to find out about the preparation or experience of the doctor or the professional of the hair removal clinic who must assist you. If you find it appropriate, you can request the credentials and certificates that you have:

  • What is your specialty?
  • Do you have any certificates?
  • Where and when were you trained in hair removal?
  • How long have you been practicing hair removal?
  • How many hair removal sessions do you do per day or per week?
  • If the person is not a dermatologist, ask if there is anyone there and if they would like to supervise the treatment (and how).

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Finally, there will be questions related to the treatment to be performed in the clinic, the expected results and any events or complications that may arise with hair removal. We recommend that you let the doctor or the professional at the center explain them before asking any questions. This way you can see what they are telling you and how well they are giving you relevant information without asking for it. A good professional should warn you of possible risks without you having to ask. Here are some questions to answer:

  • How suitable is your profile for laser hair removal?
  • What type of laser treatment will you undergo?
  • How many sessions with hair removal?
  • How to prepare for laser hair removal?
  • What should you do after waxing?
  • How many hairs grow back after laser hair removal?

About the possible dangers and contraindications,

  • How do you determine the best treatment for you?
  • What can happen or what are the dangers of hair removal?
  • Precautions took by clinic or center to reduce the risk and effects of hair removal?
  • What if there is an impact on treatment or something is wrong?
  • Who should I contact in case of complications?

Lastly, you need to address the issue of price. Make sure they explain what is included and what is not in the price. The price can be for each session or for complete hair removal. Also ask them to explain whether inquiries about possible complications will be included in the price. Finally, ask them to specify the cost of the maintenance sessions you will have to undergo at the clinic after treatment, how often they should be done, and what the price will be.

If you’ve had any issues or made other recommendations, feel free to comment!

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