Divorce Lawyer In Delhi Filing For Contested Divorce

Delhi Lawyers“, is a renowned law firm consisting of several best family and marital disputes solicitors in New Delhi (IL). We are the specialized divorce lawyers with extreme practical expertise in the area of family and divorce litigation including: Mutual Agreement Divorce, Compulsory dissolution, annulment of marriage, declaration of invalid and void marriage, termination of marriage, maintenance of wife and child, custody, property settlement and alimony. We offer excellent legal representation to individuals and parties who demand for family and divorce litigation in Delhi. They offer services to clients with limited knowledge of laws associated with family and divorce issues. Personal circumstances and individual requirements determine the approach of our attorneys towards each client.

The majority of our clients who approach us are seeking help for either a contested divorce or a modification of a Compulsory Agreement (CDA). A Compulsory Agreement is an agreement made in a court of law between the husband and wife, under which they agree to separate from each other and separate their assets. A Compulsory Divorce is an agreement under which the husband and wife have separated; there is no possibility of an amicable settlement.

To file a successful complaint for a Compulsory Divorce or a contested divorce.

The following must be proven: The respondent has fail to comply with the conditions mentioned in the marital property agreement, he/she has neglected to provide financial assistance and maintenance to the Wife, he/she has caused injury to the Wife or her children or caused wrongful damage to the Wife or her possessions. The Wife or her children have become mentally incapacitated or insane due to the respondent’s conduct towards them and that, voluntarily, she or he is not competent to enter into a marital relationship.

Most of our clients seek help from experienced divorce lawyers in Delhi. A matrimonial investigation will enable us to determine if the marriage is still viable; whether there are chances of divorce. Matrimonial investigations are also ordered by courts across the country when one of the parties is found to be involved in an affair. An experienced divorce lawyer in Delhi will be able to assist the couple in overcoming such situations. If the matrimony is not a contested one. Then the courts will permit a divorce to take place without any type of investigation as well as the process will be less expensive.

It is better to approach a family court for starting a divorce petition as it will be easier for you. However, if the parties involved are amicable and can discuss the matter amicably. It is advisable to approach a family court for initiating a divorce petition. The best divorce lawyer in Delhi can also assist the petitioners in gathering necessary information that they will need during the process. Usually the petition is filed with the court that has jurisdiction over the subject matter. This is because the mediators help to resolve the issue amicably; provide a quick solution to the divorce petitioning couple.

An experienced lawyer who specializes in divorce cases will understand all the legal technicalities involved in this procedure. He or she will also understand how to prepare; file the divorce decree properly as well as how to deal with the opposing party. These factors are essential for you to have a successful divorce petition.

Once the divorce petition is file with the court, the parties are require to get themselves represent by competent counsel. Most of the divorce petitions are handle by family law attorneys who are experience in handling conjugal rights, financial issues, child custody; other conjugal rights relate issues. Divorce lawyers are very knowledgeable about the recent changes in the Family Code that have paved the way for more flexible and affordable solutions to the divorce concerns of the petitioning spouses.

It is advisable that you choose your divorce lawyer carefully after doing some careful research. A good divorce lawyer in Delhi will have sound knowledge about family laws and will represent your case with dedication and expertise. Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer in Delhi will ensure that you win the contested divorce case. They will know how to handle the opposing party and will file the divorce petition on your behalf accordingly.

In order to successfully fight your divorce case, you have to gather all the necessary information about your spouse. Gathering all the necessary information about your spouse is important because it will help you gather all the supporting evidence; present them in your defense before the family court. You need to do thorough research about your spouse in order to have a complete; accurate knowledge about his/her character and habits. A divorce lawyer in Delhi will help you gather all the necessary information and present them in your divorce petition.

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