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Drinking Wine While Taking CBD Oil: Is It Safe?

If you use CBD-infused beer on a regular basis, especially for medicinal purposes, you might be wondering if it’s okay to combine it with wine. Although there isn’t much research on mixing CBD with wine specifically, we can look at CBD and alcohol to see if mixing CBD with wine is safe. Yes, to put it succinctly. The long answer, on the other hand, is far more complicated.

When it comes to mixing psychotropic cannabis with alcohol, there are several apparent risks. Alcohol and marijuana are not the most sophisticated pairing, as many of us learned the hard way in college. CBD-infused beer, on the other hand, must be a different story, right? 

CBD-infused beer and drinks are getting increasingly popular, so you’d think it’s quite safe. However, the truth is not so straightforward. Despite the lack of data on CBD and alcohol, researchers believe the two chemicals interact.

Furthermore, some specialists feel that because both medications have sedative effects that are similar, they may potentially exacerbate one other. As a result, the overall experience may become more intense.

How CBD and Alcohol Interact with Each Other

Alcohol is classified as a depressant because it affects the central nervous system (but it can also have stimulating effects). CBD works in a similar way, invigorating and alerting you in little dosages. It produces sedative-like effects in higher doses.

Because both CBD and alcohol diminish inhibitions, the effects of mixing the two substances could be exceptionally potent and long-lasting. CBD helps you feel relaxed, peaceful, and upbeat. These symptoms may increased with alcohol.

One study from 2019 found that consuming 25-75 mg of CBD Products everyday for one month improved sleep quality and decreased anxiety. When CBD and alcohol combined with these effects amplified, resulting in increased drowsiness and tiredness.

Other research, on the other hand, suggests that CBD may aid to guard against the harmful effects of alcohol. The effects of CBD on rodents in an animal-based model of binge drinking investigated in a 2013 study. Prior to feeding the animals alcohol, the researchers gave them either a CBD injection or a transdermal CBD gel. In the rats, both ways of delivery resulted in a 50% reduction in alcohol-induced neurotoxicity.

Unfortunately, little substantial study done on the interaction of CBD and alcohol. We still don’t have a good understanding of how CBD interacts with alcohol. However, based on the foregoing, we can draw a few conclusions.

What Happens When You Mix CBD and Wine?

Because cannabis and alcohol are both depressants, their numbing, relaxing, and sedative-like effects are amplified when combined. Despite the fact that CBD isn’t a mind-altering substance, its calming effects are amplified when combined with alcohol.

When you consume alcohol within 4-8 hours after consuming CBD, the effects of the alcohol are usually stronger. When wine and CBD mix, motor coordination, inhibition, and control are all affected. In general, the effects of ingesting both substances at the same time will be stronger than consuming just one of them.

Alcohol acts as a sedative, a sleep aid, or an anesthetic. While this may improve social abilities, it can also contribute to cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration over time.

CBD comes into play here. According to studies, combining CBD with alcohol lowers the level of alcohol in the blood, reducing the risk of brain and organ damage. However, it has no effect on the alcohol’s effects.

CBD doesn’t appear to cause cognitive impairment or delayed motor skills on its own, but it does appear to improve the CBD-infused beer drinking experience.

It’s possible that this is due to the fact that when CBD and alcohol are combined, they mimic the depressive effects of each other. Other chemical processes, on the other hand, may be at work, necessitating additional investigation.

It will need further research to figure out exactly how it lowers the blood alcohol level. According to one idea, it enables the body to digest alcohol more quickly by reducing liver inflammation.

Is It Safe to Take CBD Oil and Wine Together?

koi naturals cbd oil has been shown to lessen some of the negative effects of alcohol in both human and animal studies. There is, however, little evidence that combining CBD with wine has negative health consequences.

Furthermore, because CBD’s effects vary from person to person, it’s difficult to say whether pairing CBD with wine will have the same impact on everyone.

Furthermore, most current research focuses on the consequences of mixing CBD with large amounts of alcohol, rather than the effects of mixing CBD with a few drinks every now and then.

In general, we don’t know much about the effects of light and occasional consumption. As a result, you should be cautious about combining CBD and alcohol, especially if you’re not sure how they’ll interact.

If you do decide to combine CBD and wine, start with a little dose of both to avoid unpleasant side effects.

Final Thoughts on Drinking Alcohol While Taking CBD

There is currently insufficient study to establish the effects of combining wine with CBD. Because both CBD and alcohol are known to lower anxiety and generate relaxation, we might expect that their benefits are magnified when used together.

While alcohol, such as wine, is known to produce mental and physical impairment, it’s unknown if CBD amplifies these effects to the point of being dangerous. There hasn’t been nearly enough research done on how CBD interacts with alcohol, particularly wine.

However, there have been no documented cases of wine and CBD consumption being harmful. Furthermore, because CBD cannot overdosed, drinking alcohol in moderation and carefully should have few, if any, negative consequences.

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