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Eight Affordable Ways to Add Glamour to Your Living Room

Your life might not always be glamorous but your living room can be!

The living room is the center of the home interior and represents your aesthetic sense. Numerous times guests only sit in your living or drawing room and do not visit other rooms, judging your taste from how you have decorated the living room. Interior design Dubai Companies are emphasizing creating living rooms that exhibit exquisite and glamorous interiors. 

How to Add Glamour to Your Living Room 

If you are looking to improve the interior of your living room, use these 8 exclusive ways to add glamour to it. 

Less is more

Glamorous look and class go hand in hand. If you are looking to add glamor to your living room, remember that less is more, and you cannot attain an elegant look by adding a lot of elements to the interior. Keeping it simple will still keep it glamorous without compromising on the elegance of the place. Add elements that look royal and classy. 

Add Golden Accents

Gold is a royal color and all about beauty and glamour. It gives a glam feel to your space whether living room, drawing room, or living room, especially when paired with pink or white. Rose gold is also a suitable option if you don’t like golden on its own. Pair your golden accent pieces with pink, white or black to give a balanced look. However, do not overdo the gold and keep it subtle.

Add Art Pieces

Having art pieces in the living room gives a spacious look and makes it appear expensive at the same time. Art is bold for expression and is appreciated by people who have a deep eye for knowledge. Having a statement art piece on one wide wall will enhance the beauty of your living and the choice of painting will add to the glamor feels. If you’re wondering that art pieces are expensive, let us mention that prints are economical any day! Frame those prints and you are good to go.


Candles have been a part of the interior since the early when electricity didn’t exist. With time they became a showpiece and now you can see candles and vintage candle holders in many households. They say vintage is glamorous and we agree. Interior design Dubai Companies are incorporating vintage elements like candles and candle holders into luxurious houses. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on candle holders and DIY any old ones you have.

Fashion Books

Who says you can only have books if you like reading them. The trend of fashion books is gaining popularity and people are placing fashion books on their center tables. If don’t have a proper center table, having a coffee table and adding some fashion books to it can be a perfect choice. Choose the covers of your choice to enhance the look of your living room.

Statement Rug

If you think rugs are not in fashion, we suggest you rethink! Rugs are never out of fashion and adding complementing rugs to your rooms helps them look bigger and neater at the same time. Placing a rug is an artistic job as the correct choice of color and design is essential in making or breaking your living room look. Add a statement rug in fur, florals or chevron print, or opt for an Afghani carpet design. You can find them for lower prices online.


We all have been in awe of gorgeously framed mirrors in huge mansions and wanted one in your room. This is the time to get that big mirror with the sleek golden frame for your living room. Placing a rectangular mirror horizontally widens the appearance of the room. You can also opt for more than one mirror, just make sure to have them of the same shape.

Wall-Length Curtains

Curtains not only provide a barrier from the outside world, but they also act as an aesthetic addition to the room. Though many people don’t take great care of the length, long curtains steal the show. Try to place the curtain rod near to the ceiling to give an elongated feel.


Try out these easy ways researched by the top Interior design Dubai Companies to turn your living room into a glamorous one. 

Happy decorating!

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