Essential Key Features of Video Streaming App

The trend of technology is significantly changing over an hour. But the willingness of people to binge-watch the seasons of their favorite shows is unexplainable. To meet the requirements of the people on your horizon, you can quickly have a video streaming app development. Binge-watching has become the trend, and concurrently it gave a new life to the actors, influencers, and people’s idols to give insights into their lifestyle. And guess what, the viewers are enjoying that too. The video streaming apps have brought a significant change in the personal life-spaces, giving time to themselves.

So, video streaming apps are now a bridge between the followers and their favorites. By carrying this forward, in this article, we will be discussing the essential features that you must have when you give your project idea on a video streaming platform to the development team.

At first, let’s discuss the types of streaming mobile applications.

Types of Video Streaming Applications

There many video streaming apps listed in popular app stores; let’s find out the four types of video streaming platforms.

Live Broadcasting Apps

Well, it is the most common video streaming apps you can find on the app store. Such apps allow you to watch the video in real-time mode. There are many ways through which you can have a video streaming app development that serves the needs of the horizon you are targeting. Live broadcasting often is similar to the TV channels you see. But the only difference that makes is under one connection, and an entire family can record and see the TV shows they have missed. The most popular live-streaming apps are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Livestream, Periscope.

Audio Streaming

The most popular audio streaming app of 2021 can be the Clubhouse. I think you have heard about Clubhouse. If not, it is an audio streaming platform that allows people to join the group conversation via a link that the group creator has initiated. After Elon Musk’s appearance on Clubhouse, its download surged, and people came to know about it more.


This streaming type allows you to watch your favorite series, movies, or TV shows without downloading them. However, some features are fused in the app, such as pausing, resuming, and rewinding.

Live TV Streaming

Streaming live TV is fun when there is always a remote controller fight in your home. Live TV streaming can make you watch your favorite TV show without any interruptions. That is why having such a video streaming app development can make you turn a profit.

Essential Features in Video Streaming App Development

When you see the leading video streaming app giants, you once have thought of having your own such an app. But the only point that makes you stand still is the fear of choosing the wrong video streaming app development partner. The right partner will fuse the right technology to deliver the content over the network. These development organizations are generally familiar with the technology, but as per your details given to the project manager, they assign the technology on which your app will run.

So it becomes essentially important to give the details of the project more understandably. Or you can provide a nicely developed wireframe of the project that is also much beneficial. Once we are done with the features, we will also look for the tech stack required to develop such an app.

Let’s look into the list of features you must have when your app is at the initial level.

  • User registration
  • Creating a personal user profile
  • Online streaming
  • Comments to broadcasts
  • Search
  • Server-side for converting streams
  • Video Quality
  • Subtitles
  • Navigational Interface
  • User-friendly
  • Privacy
  • Stream Sharing
  • Notifications and Schedules, and others

As you’ve seen the essential features that you must involve in your app, the point to note here is that you cannot fuse all the features and advanced technology in your app at the beginning. You must be well aware of the phrase that says slow and steady wins the race. And that’s what you must follow in order to have a successful project.

Let’s have a look at the tech stack that is required for video streaming app development.

Tech Stack Required for Video Streaming App Development

Generally, codes are in the mainstream of the successful app but often left unrecognized. Here, we have brought a list of the tech stack essentially required for video streaming app development. Here we have the list:

  • Programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Java
  • Content delivery network: Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
  • Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • API server: js
  • Media processing platform: DaCast, Wowza
  • Streaming protocols: WebRTC, RTMP
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle
  • Push notifications: Firebase Notifications
  • Messaging queues: AWS Simple Queue System

The Takeaway

With video streaming app development, many of the giants you see in the market. If you are willing to be among them, all you need is a revolutionary idea that can change the way people interact with video streaming platforms. And do not forget to choose the right development partner, as the essential key to success is the developers’ code.


Paul Louth is a Business Analyst in a reputed mobile app development company that provide their services in wordldwide. Along with Android and iPhone app development, the company also has vast experience in working on on-demand app development solutions such as ott platform development, car wash app development, laundry app development, food delivery app development etc.

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