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Ethical affordable clothing in the UK

Caring about the environmental footprint of the clothes and their impact on the generations is a cause of concern for many individuals. However, while most individuals want to switch to sustainable fashion only a few are willing to make a change and go-to affordable clothing. Buying sustainability is always a better option. But the criticism that comes along with eco-friendly brands is that they are high-priced. Sustainability can be costly, it doesn’t always have to be the case.

If you are someone on the look for sustainable fashion brands over fast fashion brands, let the unavailability of sustainable not be the reason you shop from fast fashion. Here are ethical affordable fashion brands across the UK. All the brands mentioned are a benchmark in their own way in case you are looking to grade up your style then don’t forget to pair up your clothes with some corsets.

People Tree

A pioneer in the sustainable fashion business – People Tree creates ethical and eco-friendly clothes for over 30 years. Founded by the social entrepreneur, Safia Minney, this Tokyo- and London-based brand is a commissionaire of fair trade fashion. They have partnered with farmers, producers, and weavers to ensure people living in developing nations get equal access to opportunities. While much of their range is on the pricier side of the spectrum, there’s something for everyone. You can check out their lingerie section for affordable innerwear. They also have a vegan-friendly collection that uses sustainable cotton.

The majority of the cotton they used was Global Organic Textile Standard Certified Cotton (GOTS), which is considered the gold standard for sustainable cotton accreditation.

Image Courtesy: People Tree on Instagram

Lucy and Yak

Love dungarees? Lucy and Yak make ethnic dungarees for you. Based in the UK, this ethical brand has roots across the world. The manufacturing process is carried out in an Indian Factory, workers rights are an issue that is close to the brand’s heart. The team is very open and transparent about its operations and is a living wage employer and pays fairly to all their workers. Their dungarees are priced as low as £27 and also create amazing street style fashion. Apart from dungarees and street style fashion, they also make bottoms, tops, skirts, socks, and accessories. They also have a zero-waste line with items such as organic cotton mesh grocery bags made from oatmeal and coconut milk.

Image Courtesy: Project Pico on Instagram


Pico is known to manufacture high-quality essentials and everyday goods. They ethically source their items and are traceable. If you are looking for some good-quality underwear and towels and other clothing, Pico is the place to go. They produce organic fair trade cotton underwear and towels for both men and women with vegan materials. Pico is also Small Producers International Certified. They have divided their work into three categories. The first category works on manufacturing underwear in a small factory in southern India. The second branch works on manufacturing bath sheets and towels from Indigenous Indian cotton in collaboration with a cooperative in western India. The last project of this minimalist sustainable brand is currently underworking and will be focussing on the British Fibre Industry and working with the British sheep and wool.

Image Courtesy: Project Pico on Instagram


Calling out all the shoe fanatics across the UK. Here’s the perfect store for you. This vegan and affordable brand are one of the UK’s sustainable clothing brands. For every shoe they sell, they donate another pair of shoes to someone who requires them. This B-Corp Certified company also makes eco-friendly shoes for women, men, and kids. Their impact report shows that it has given over 95 million shoes in 85 countries.

Image Courtesy: Toms on Instagram

Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat, a Montreal Based company get its name from material and nature. All their bags and accessories are made from vegan leather, which is less harmful as compared to PVC. The linings used are made with recycled plastic bottles and they have recently started adding bicycle tires to their process as well.

The brand makes sure they qualify as SA8000 standard certification, which means they pay all their employees fairly.

Image Courtesy: Matt & Nat on Instagram


Founded in 2012, Baserange believes in creating ‘clean lines’ and ‘easy silhouettes’ while protecting the environment. The brands develop high-quality fabric and textiles from recycled materials and natural fabrics clothing. They believe in a clean fashion which will have a positive impact on the environment.

The brand includes sustainable lines of swimwear, loungewear, and underwear. They also use natural ingredients such as bamboo, cotton, wool, and linen to create these beautiful silhouettes. Apart from loungewear, swimwear, and underwear, Baserange also manufactures socks, bottoms, accessories like scarves and face masks.

Image Courtesy: Baserange on Instagram


Bibico came into the picture when their designer Snow was aware of the fast fashion brands while working years in the high street brands. The company relies on natural ingredients to make its fabrics and garments instead of opting for synthetic materials. The company also understands the environmental impact of the fashion industry and has introduced an organic cotton collection. They also produce high-quality sustainable fashion in two Indian women’s cooperative factories. That’s all about it. Here’s another piece of good news! These are fairly priced and super affordable given the timeless range of clothes you get.

Image Courtsey: Bibico on Instagram

These are seven sustainable fashion brands you can choose from if you are living in the UK. Even if you are not living in the UK, try these brands when you visit the UK next time.

Sustainable fashion is the new way to go for clothing. Fast fashion brands not only are a threat to the environment but also threaten the future generation. While fast fashion brands are extremely affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket, they are damaging the future and the environment in the long run. Fast Fashion is notorious for its ethics. These fast fashion brands don’t pay their workers as well. They make their workers work tirelessly and don’t even pay their minimum wages to their employees.

Sustainable Fashion is a movement and process that is slowly replacing fast fashion trends clothing. It aims at changing the fashion norms and the system towards creating ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable Fashion concerns more than just addressing the textiles or products, it aims at providing the workers with the minimum wages they need.

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