Everything you need to know about Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR is an artificial intelligence-based electronic medical records solution that is extremely scalable and exclusive. It is a well-known EHR software with a plethora of useful features for its users. Praxis EMR has been winning physicians’ hearts for a long time, and we think it is an excellent choice for EMR Software.

Praxis EMR has been around for a while and now provides both web-based and on-premise implementation for consumer convenience. Instead of using models, the software employs cutting-edge AI technology to determine a user’s personal preferences and then adjust to them for a seamless user experience.

Top EHR Features of Praxis EMR


The first feature of Praxis EMR we’d like to highlight is the software’s widely praised charting feature. This feature makes charting much easier because the app analyses your needs and adapts to them over time. When you chart, it anticipates what you want and what settings to use, making your charting experience much smoother.

Other than this with the charting function being so smart, the software also looks at data you enter and gives you a potential diagnosis to consider, and lets you come to clinical conclusions much quicker than before which is extremely helpful and allows you to save quite a lot of time!

Appointment Scheduling

If you’ve used some EHR software, you’re probably aware that not all EHR software has the right scheduling tools. Praxis EMR recognizes the value of providing all of the necessary appointment scheduling resources. Clinical quality would undoubtedly increase if all is done correctly in this field.

Not only does scheduling include scheduling and canceling appointments, but it also includes appointment reminders and warnings. When a doctor or a patient cancels an appointment, the other party is notified. Reminder alerts are sent if the appointments are set. As a result, the whole structure operates in a well-organized manner with little chance of interruption.

Billing tools

The billing feature in Praxis EHR is the next feature we’d like to discuss, and it’s extremely useful for anyone running their own medical practice. You will simplify the billing process with this feature because the software automates a lot of aspects of billing, which means you’ll make fewer mistakes.

This is because the software enters the majority of the billing data, reducing the risk of human error when creating bills and allowing you to be reimbursed by patients faster because the bills do not need to be corrected or reissued.


If done manually, reporting can become tedious and stressful. When a job becomes tedious and begins feeling like a headache, the degree of accuracy decreases because the errors increase.

It has excellent reporting tools that help you get the job done faster while also ensuring accuracy. Not only does the fear of reports being misplaced vanish, but they are all saved in one location, allowing clinicians to access them anytime they want to check on their patients’ progress.


You get a smartphone app with this software that you can use on the go to chart patient data, look at statistics, and much more. As a result of all of this, you will be able to increase your productivity.

A Few Drawbacks of Praxis EMR

Many users complain about the steep learning curve that comes with this software, especially having to adjust to the lack of templates, which causes doctors to be unsure of how to use it at first. Some users have also complained that the patient portal is difficult to log in to and navigate, but aside from that, this software is one of the few software whizzes out there.

Praxis EMR Review and Pricing

Praxis EMR Pricing starts from  $259 a month per vendor. Talking about Praxis EMR review, it has been very positive and users love the software. If you want to know more about the software, you can book a Praxis EMR demo on Software Finder. 

Final Thoughts!

Now, If you’re wondering do we suggest Praxis EMR after all of this, the decision is entirely yours! We recommend that you examine all of the software’s features before deciding whether or not they are appropriate for you. We also suggest reading as many Praxis EHR articles as possible to see what existing users have to say about the app.

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