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Excited about cloud migration? Don’t miss out on these risks

With each of the passing decade, more and more organizations are migrating to the cloud. It involves the migration of the complete IT infrastructure to a remote service facility.

Cloud migration might be a calculated and definitive step for your organization but it involves many pitfalls. Don’t get carried away by the hype created about cloud and save yourself from falling into the pitfall. This is a much-observed scenario in cloud hosting in India.

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There are obvious benefits of cloud migration but in its enthusiasm, companies generally forget to consider its risks. These risks once underestimated, can lead to data loss, unwanted latency, compromise in security, etc.

Does it not defeat the only purpose of migrating to the cloud? Hence to save your company from such a disaster, here we are with the probable risks or mistakes of cloud migration-

#1 Not recognizing your need for cloud

Following the latest trends is good until you just start blindly doing what everyone is up to. Companies should consider talking to hosting experts before blindly migrating from dedicated or VPS hosting to cloud hosting in India. The experts have a clear idea that whether your company requires this migration or not. Some applications run almost perfectly in other hosting platforms and never in the need of a cloud platform. You can find many companies that were more satisfied when hosted over dedicated or VPS servers. So, to avoid such a scenario, list down the problems you are facing where you are currently hosted. Then consult your expert and team member that whether these problems will be sorted once you migrate to cloud hosting in India.

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#2 Migrating complete infrastructure at once

This can sound like a very naïve mistake but can have serious repercussions. Every organization is comprised of low to very highly sensitive data. Companies can afford to migrate lesser sensitive data to the cloud without any worries. But highly sensitive data is the data that is concerned with some critical information about your business. Once your data steps out of your company’s arena, it ceases to receive dedicated security as it was when stored within in-house servers. So, always start your migration by migrating the lesser sensitive data and then observe the performance of your best cloud hosting India plan. For this also you should consult experts that can guide you with your data migration.

#3 Wrong prediction of cloud costing

Cloud hosting in India is thought to be less costly than dedicated and VPS hosting. But this is not true always. Cloud hosting leads up to unexpected costing in the long run. A lot of expenditure is involved in running data processes over a cloud environment. It also involves the cost of data unavailability during cloud migration which is mostly ignored. To make you understand better, it’s like you want to pay just for the storage and computing but you are charged for what not. So, to save your hard-earned money from going to waste, you must have an estimate of the overall cost. If not done on time it can be a financial blow for your business.

#4 Compromising on data security during migration-

People just blindly trust cloud security. In the frenzy of migration, they forget to acknowledge the fact that their data is not automatically secured. Your business data gets compromised in the due course of cloud migration. Although your cloud hosting provider is responsible for such a catastrophe you are equally responsible. Do look out for the specific cloud security-related terms and conditions outlined in your cloud hosting provider’s service level agreement (SLA).

#5 Instant lack of control and visibility-

Companies have been accustomed to storing their data on-premise. But as soon as the data migrates over the cloud, the companies start losing control and visibility on their data and applications. The external cloud services do come up with some control policies but are nothing compared to what you get with other hosting types. Such control and visibility issues have impacted network performance in the past and are a threat in the present and future as well.


Even after these risks and mistakes, we can’t just ignore the advantages of cloud infrastructure. The cloud hosting platform is flexible, scalable, automated, etc. But we must be aware of the potential risks in cloud migration.

The solution to such a problem is to choose a reliable cloud hosting in India that can stand by your side throughout the migration. An ideal cloud hosting provider will give you all the details of each phase of the migration and will also make you aware of any potential risk.

Hence, find yourself the industry’s best cloud hosting partner like us. We have more than a decade-long experience in cloud migration and have been developing multiple businesses. Our experts take personalized care of your business infrastructure till it adapts to the cloud hosting environment.

So, get in touch with us and our experts will be happy to help you.

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