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Extracurricular Activities Importance In Middle School

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Today’s education system believes to provide endless opportunities to pupils outside the structured framework. It enables them to learn new skills and enhances their abilities. Schools encourage student’s right from the pre-school days to participate in new activities, igniting new passions in the young minds. Transitioning from primary to middle school is a great learning experience for children. It is a critical period of academic as well as psychological development. It is the time when they learn to identify their core skills, define their identities and build a strong foundation for success in their future endeavors.

Annapolis christian academy believes that extracurricular activities are vital for a child’s development. These activities often build on lessons and learning that start during school hours. Our team at the Annapolis Academy in Corpus Christi Texas is well-equipped to prepare your child for success throughout their schooling years and beyond.

Before we unravel the benefits of extracurricular activities, let us first understand:

What are extracurricular activities?

Activities that are pursued besides the scope of the regular curriculum and carry no credit, come under the roof of extracurricular activities. But that does not mean that every activity would come under this umbrella. To qualify in this category the activity must demand regular time and commitment. For instance, playing football over the weekend with friends versus being a part of a football team that meets and trains regularly.

Let’s dive to know the importance of extracurricular activities for middle school goers:

  • Better Academic Performance

Some students and parents believe that participating in extracurricular activities is a waste of time. According to them, it distracts students from schoolwork, hurting their grades. It is well-established that non-academic activities lead to better cognition, creativity, and critical thinking. Additionally, when middle school kids get involved in challenging and rewarding activities, it upgrades their brain functions. It elevates concentration, stamina, and time management, playing a lead role in upgrading their grades.

These activities are a welcome break from routine academic work. Depending on the child’s interest, they provide a chance to destress and relax. When a child does something they like, it will rejuvenate them which can help them to get back to their academics with full vigor. The best part is, thanks to these activities, parents can limit screen time which has become the need of the hour.

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  • Broadens social and mental skills

Middle school kids are willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone for the sake of these extracurricular activities. Most extracurricular activities would involve children communicating with each other at some level. It provides them with a good opportunity to make new friends and interact with like-minded children, thus widening their social circle. Conversely, it helps them to mingle with people having different backgrounds, other than their schoolmates, enabling them to appreciate different viewpoints. 

When children do something they like, it gives them happiness. But when one succeeds in something they are passionate about, especially after arduous efforts, it is extremely gratifying. Think of the high they would get if they win a baseball match or singing competition. This feeling of gratification is pivotal in building confidence and self-esteem, which they can take back with them to the classroom. For middle school kids, this is a crucial tool for mental health and well-being. 

  • Time management skills

When children decide to pursue an extracurricular activity, they have to juggle between their schoolwork and their activities. They have to learn how to balance their school life and their passion. It teaches kids to be responsible and committed to their goals. This skill is crucial as it will not only benefit them in middle school but even in the later stages of their lives. It is difficult to achieve success in today’s fast paced world if one lacks time management skills. 

  • Resume

When you have a pile of certificates and medals to flaunt, it will add a great deal of weightage to your resume. This can come in handy when it comes to applying for universities or jobs. Participation in extracurricular activities demonstrates that the child is open to learning a variety of skills beyond the four walls of the classroom. They are curious to learn, explore and develop new skills. It might also boost your child’s chances of procuring a scholarship for college or university.

  • Show a different perspective

During middle school, children are constantly discovering themselves and their interests. By exposing them to several extracurricular activities, they get an opportunity to explore a whole new range of activities and unlock their hidden passions. It helps to broaden their worldview, thus expanding empathy. It can help them find out things that give them joy, what they aspire to be, and how they can deal with the world.

  • Essential Life Skills in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities impart an education that teaches them skills that will stay with them forever; real-world skills. When they play a sport or a musical instrument, the passion for pursuing this hobby enriches them for a lifetime. It instills personality traits and key skills like leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that can be helpful even in other walks of life. Many private schools in Corpus Christi are focusing on developing these core skills in middle school.

Christian schools have always believed in imparting holistic education for all their pupils. Christian preschools in Corpus Christi TX work towards inculcating these essential life skills right from the development years. To learn about more benefits to send your child to a Christian school.


The Annapolis Christian Academy in Corpus Christi is a well-known performing and fine arts school in corpus christi tx that takes pride in its robust educational programs. These programs direct kids to love what is good, true, and beautiful. Christian disciplines and a well-planned curriculum are what drive us to do our best. If you are aiming at the overall development of your child in a nurturing and thriving environment, visit our campus soon.

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