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Facebook Ads Management Services Agency activity control your data

Facebook Ads Management Services Agency collects data about you should come as no surprise. Although the decision to post something (or not) on Facebook is entirely up to you, third-party services generally won’t tell you what data they transmit and to whom.

Activity outside of Facebook

Not too long ago, Facebook Ads Management Services Agency began offering users the ability to view and manage the information collected by third parties. This option can be found in the ” Activity outside of Facebook ” section of Facebook’s privacy settings:

  • Click the triangle (web version) or tap the menu icon (mobile app) in the top right.
  • Select Settings and privacy.
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Your Facebook Information.
  • Choose Activity outside of Facebook.

Although you cannot prevent data collection, you can dig into Activity outside of Facebook to find out who is spying on you through the social network and disassociate your profile from this information. Better than nothing.

Who reports your activity to Facebook?

Sites and apps use a variety of social media tools to share information with Facebook Ads Management Services Agency, from the simple “Log in with Facebook” button to analytics tools.

You can find some of these providers on this page titled Off-Facebook Activity. To see the full list, select Manage your activity outside of Facebook. You must then enter your password.

Data collection is on such a scale that you’ll be amazed: Facebook’s partners include news portals, banking apps, and more. You may see a site in your list that you don’t remember simply because you clicked on it by mistake.

What data send to Facebook?

Off -Facebook Activity is primarily information about your interactions with other services. For example, a media site can communicate to the social network that you have consulted the latest information, and an online store can share that you have seen or purchased a particular product.

When you’re on the page that displays the list of apps that send information about your activity to Facebook, choose Download your information.

If necessary, indicate which data you want to download and for how long. By default, Facebook creates an archive that contains all the information about you, including your posts, your activity on the social network, etc. If you’re only interested in third-party data, uncheck all boxes except Ads and Companies.
Click Create File.

The creation of the archive can take a few minutes or several days. If your request is only for the information in the Off-Facebook Activity section, you should receive it relatively quickly.

Facebook explains that the company receives a lot more data than what you see. Nevertheless, this information may turn out to be of interest.

  • In the list of sites and apps, click the service name;
  • Select Give feedback for this activity.
  • Choose the reason for your complaint.

How to delete your account data?

Facebook allows you to erase any data collected about you and associated with your profile.

How do I stop sending data to Facebook?

You cannot force Facebook and third-party services to cut off all communication. Sites and apps will always report certain information about you to social networks. Some sites got caught giving out too much personal data and changed their approach.

To stop Facebook from adding data from a specific site to your personal folder:

  • Select the site name from the list and, in the window that opens, choose Disable future activity on [company or organization name].
  • Click the Disable button.

Within two days, Facebook Ads Management Services Agency will stop showing you posts based on information obtained through this resource. From then on, you will no longer be able to use the “Connect via Facebook” button on this site, unless you change the settings again.

You can also prohibit any sending of data by sites and applications. Prepare to be automatically logged out of any sites you were logged into through Facebook.

To stop Facebook from showing targeted ads through the sites and apps you use:

Once on the Manage your activity outside of Facebook page which displays the list of services that have shared information about you with Facebook, click on Manage future activity. If you are using the web version, this option is at the top right; however, it is in the menu that opens when you touch the three dots at the top right of the mobile application.

  • Select Manage future activity.
  • Disable Future activity outside of Facebook.
  • Click Disable.

That’s it! The social network can no longer harass you with advertisements for shoes just because you have just bought a pair of sneakers.

Next, if you haven’t already, you need to configure your Facebook account’s security and privacy settings as well as notifications. If you are thinking of saying goodbye to Facebook, we invite you to read our article which explains in great detail how to properly delete your Facebook account without losing all your precious photos and data.

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