Failed to login into Juplink WiFi Range Extender? Here’s The Solution

The Juplink WiFi range extender is a dual-band extender that delivers a speed of up to 1200MBps with both bands. It is speedy and stable. The two external antennas eliminate the dead zone by extending the coverage range over a wide area of up to 1500 square feet. Over 20+ devices can be connected through this extender at the same time with inbuilt MU-MIMO technology, which means this extender is perfect for offices and apartments. It delivers internet at a superfast speed which will boost the user gaming and video streaming experience. The mode selector option allows the users to choose the mode and select it as a repeater, access point, and router mode. Router mode is capable of creating a private network connection that secures your data from unusual activities.

The Juplink extender setup allows one-step setup by using the web interface or by an app. The LED indicator will help to find a perfect spot. It can connect with maximum routers available in the market. It has two Gigabit ports on its back which speed up the data transmission rate. An external device such as smart TV, console gaming can connect to the extenders Gigabit ports available on its back.

User Manual Of Juplink WiFi Range Extender

If you are using a Juplink extender for the first time, just open the shipment box safely and read the user guide available in the box. The User Manual of this extender contains contents on its first page. It includes product overview, installation and setup tips, login process via a web page or by an app, manages or changes the setting by visiting the management page, and advanced configuration. FAQ, FCC statement, Safety Information, and Caution are also on the last page. Now we gonna explain that what you should do if you are dancing a problem while sign in to the Juplink range extender.

Failed to login into Juplink WiFi Range Extender?

Before logging in, you need to set up the range extender by reading the instructions mentioned in the user manual guide. Open the browser and create your Juplink account by filling in an IP address. You can manage all the settings related to the extender with one touch. Sometimes, problems may happen while signing in, using an ethernet cable, or using wirelessly. These are the steps that should be followed to resolve this.


Make sure that you had connected the router with the right SSID network available on its back and you had entered the Juplink extender IP address. Always remember that the IP address is not the same for all devices. Clear the cache of the browser and clear the system storage space or restart your device. Delete the recent files by typing run on the start menu. Check the plug whether it is working properly or not. Reset the extender by pushing the WPS button for a few sec. You can use a paper clip-type object if you are facing a problem in holding the reset button.

Wired Connection

If you are using an ethernet cable to connect the router to the computer, check whether the ethernet cable is connected to the correct port or not. Make sure that Your PC MAC address is registered with the ISP by visiting the client view. Now enter the IP address and enter the uplink account details to sign in.
Now we gonna teach you some tips to place the extender in the right location.

Tips To PLace The Juplink WiFi Range Extender In Right Place

While doing setup, you have to place the extender in the right location where it provides you high-speed internet connection. If you are not able to find the perfect spot for your extender, then you may face an internet issue and you will not get a stable and high-speed internet connection. Here are some tips that will teach you to find the perfect place for your extender, so that you can enjoy gaming and video streaming on your mobile device or computer.

Place the extender close to the router. Make sure that other wireless devices are not close to the router. Otherwise, that device may connect automatically to the router. By viewing the LED light on the front of the extender, you can spot the right location. Make sure that the extender shows at least 2 bars. Move the router at different locations until it shows four bars. The more the number of bars, the more the extender is getting the signal.

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