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Fairy Tail- Best Manga of All Time on Manga Stream

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Mangas are one of the most famous and well-known comics as well as animes in the world. Many of the popular anime series have got their stories from manga comics. Fairy Tail is one of the most famous manga which to get adapted in an anime series. Written by Hiro Mashima, it has gained a huge number of worldwide fans and sold over 70 million copies. This manga is currently available on Manga Stream for its digital readers with 328 episodes.

Fairy Tail- 

The setting of the story of this manga is in the town of the Kingdom of Fiore. A group of guilds known as Fairy Tail rule this town. Fairy Tail group issues the command to other guilds and wizards in the town. These guilds use their magic for paid job requests. The main character of the story is Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail guild.

The Plot Summary
The story of the Fairy Tail starts with Natsu exploring the Kingdom of Fiore to find his missing father, Fire Dragon King Igneel. Natsu is accompanied by his best friend Happy, who is actually a six-year-old cat. Happy can transform into a flying cat whenever he needs to. Later, another member named Lucy Heartfilla join Natsu and Happy.

Lucy Hearfilla belongs to a wealthy Heartfilla family. She always wishes to join Fairy Tail. Her dream comes true when Natsu and Happy saved her from slavery and then invites Lucy to join the Fairy Tail. After Lucy joins the Fairy Tail, Natsu and Lucy both form a team of seven members.

The team includes an ice-guild Gray Fullbuster, the magical knight Erza Scarlet, and another dragon slayer duo Wendy Marvel and Carla, alongside Happy, Natsu, and Lucy. The team participates in many missions to defeat criminals, dark guilds, daemons, cursed wizards, ancient Etherioys daemons, and deadly powers.

The Story Goes On
After several adventures, Natsu and his team find the creator of the Etherioys demons, Zeref. Zeref lives in isolation on the sacred ground of Sirus Island. When Zeref encounters Natsu, he expresses his desire. And that is to be killed for his atrocious acts in the past.

After finding out Zeref’s hiding place, a huge fight breaks out between Fairy Tail and the dark guild Grimoire Heart to seal Zeref for immense power. Grimoire Heart alliance believes that if they awaken Zeref, it will result in an apocalypse on earth, in which the only wizards will thrive, and all the other humans will vanish from the earth.

But, this war takes the attention of the evil Black Dragon Acnologia. Acnologia attacks both the Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart. However, the Fairy Tail wizards survive because of a defensive spell by Mavis Vermillion, an estranged lover of Zeref.

Later, Fairy Tails engages in another war with Tartaros. Tartaros has an ultimate goal to have the book that he believes contains E.N.D., the ultimate demon of Zeref. But Acnologia springs into action at the Tartarus location again. During the fight, Igneel has to appear in front of everyone.

At that time, Igneel finally tells the Natsu that he was living inside Natsu’s body and all other dragon slayers are living inside their children’s bodies. Igneel emerges to battle with Acnologia. But he falls to his brutal death but gets killed brutally in front of helpless Natsu.

Igneel’s death breaks Natsu’s heart. Afterward, Natsu departs on training so that he could take revenge for his father’s death.

The Return of Natsu
Natsu returns one year later. Then, he comes to know that Alvarez Empire intends to acquire Fairy Heart from Mavis’ cursed body. All this while it is preserved under the guildhall in Fairy Tail. Fairy heart holds the infinite power of magic, so Zeref, the founder of Alvarez Empire, wants to acquire it to free himself from the curse of Ankhseram.

To stop Zeref, Natsu comes ahead. While battling Zeref, Natsu gets an introduction to his fate, birth, resurrection, family. He also gets to know how created a time machine to send Natsu with Igneel 300 years forward with the intention of being killed by him. But Natsu failed to kill Zeref.

Instead, Zeref absorbs Fairy Heart from Mavis. With the help of the Fairy Heart, Zeref intends to change the timeline so he could prevent his own curse and Acnologia’s rise to his demon powers. But soon after that, Natsu defeats Zeref to stop him from making drastic changes in history.

Mavis lifts her curse as well as Zeref’s curse by confessing her love to Zeref, which kills them both.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail tries to detain Acnologia within the space-time rift by creating an Eclipse. However, Aconolgia escapes. But despite that, all of his spirits of the present Dragon Slayers get trapped inside the rift.

Lucy takes care of immobilizing Acnologia’s body within the Fairy Sphere, while Natsu destroys Anologia’s spirit. Killing Acnolgia frees the soles of Dragon Slayers.

In the following years, Natsu and his team decide to depart on another guild mission and stick together for more adventures.

Final Verdict

This manga is best suitable for adventure, fantasy, and action lovers. The story and character will hook you to your device screen. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get copies of the comic out of Japan, but you can stream Fairy Tail manga and other hundreds of mangas on Manga stream for free.

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