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Five Major Benefits Of The Edimax Wireless Range Extender

Hi, I am Michael from New York, United States. I work as a Data entry operator in the office. Internet connection is required to extract the data and to fill in that. But from the past few weeks, all the management staff are facing an issue regarding the connection. The range of the router is not strong enough to deliver on to the whole office. One of the office staff suggests me to purchase a wifi extender for extending the range.

Then I checked in amazon, I saw Edimax wifi range extender. It is perfect for our office and the price range is also very affordable. I suggest my boss to purchase it and now it works well. Edimax wireless router covers the wide areas with an internet connection. It is a dual band range extender that delivers a speed of 300Mbps. It gets connected with all types of routers. That extends the wireless internet coverage over a wide area.

The setup of this extender is simple. Just visit the edimaxext.setup to accomplish the setup. It has five LEd lights on the front indicating power, WPS, Wifi, USB port, and WAN. These are some key benefits of the Edimax N300 WiFi range extender.

Benefits Of Edimax Wireless Range Extender


As it is a wireless device it can be connect wirelessly. The ethernet port on the left allows it to connect to the router with wire. It provides safe and secure data transmission and enhances the speed of the internet connection. It is easily connect with maximum routers. No extra place is require to place the extender, as it can mount easily on the wall.

Fast Speed

It delivers a speed of 300MBps which is suitable for small offices and homes. Video streaming and gaming tasks can be done which boosts the user’s experience. It also speeds up the network connection if you using with an ethernet cable. The mode selector option allows you to choose Airbridge, access point, and Extender mode. Choosing the mode will depend on the user’s needs. Then, Select the 2.4Ghz band frequency by visiting the management page to increase the speed of the extender.

Simple Design

Due to its small, portable, and compact design, it can be brought from one place to another very easily and can place anywhere to enjoy an internet connection. The inbuilt wall-mounted panel on the back of the panel allows it to directly connect to the wall. As well as it saves our costs as no extra hardware is require to place the extender.

Easy Setup

The setup procedure of this extender is very simple. It can be accomplished by pressing the WPS button of both the router and the extender and place the extender in the perfect place. The LED light will help you to find the perfect place in which the extender gives its best internet connection. After that logging into the browser and by typing an IP address and manage the settings according to your needs. You can also set up or manage the extender settings with an app. App companion feature allows you to access the extender from anywhere.

Scheduling and Separate Network

The smart scheduling feature allows you to set the timing from which you want to power on or off the extender. It is mainly suitable for offices. Sometimes office staff will forget to turn off the WiFi while leaving the office. This feature allows the users to make it easy. It saves the network connection and power consumption costs. A separate and private network with parental control allows the users to access the internet connection privately. It secures your data from illegal use.

Review On Edimax Wireless Range Extender

The Edimax WiFi extender review on the online shopping platform is great. Easy to set up and design is also unique. It can be directly plugged onto the wall as it has a socket on its back. And It saves the hardware costs to install the extender. That gives a very good speed of almost 300MBps and extends the network coverage over a wide area. As well as the automatic firmware upgrade feature allows you to keep the network connection safe and secure.

However, it does not have external antennas which will be a great disadvantage for me. It also reduces the downloading speed as my router delivers 20MBps speed. But when downloading using the extender, the downloading speed reduces to 3 MBps. The tech support is very good as it provides 24*7 customer support as compared to the others. Overall a good product and I suggest purchasing it.

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