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Follow These Top Seven Tips For A Good Oral Hygiene And Healthy Teeth! 

Maintaining good oral hygiene is of utmost importance. As a child, we are told to keep the standards of our oral hygiene high. The best dentist in Nagpur says that oral hygiene is a window into our overall health. From the saliva in our mouth, it is judged what the condition of our present health is.  

Recently, many studies have shown that oral is directly related to heart health, diabetes, stroke, and many more.  

There are various ways we can take care of our oral health. Visiting dentists regularly is essential, but we should be more concerned about our daily home care for our teeth should be high enough.  

We tend to avoid our oral health, thinking we don’t have any issues, but that is incorrect.  

This article deals with some home care routines essential to maintaining good oral hygiene and taking care of our teeth.

The Seven Top Tips To Follow For A Good Oral Hygiene Are: 

  1. Daily Brushing Twice:  

Make it a habit to brush daily twice a day without fail. Don’t brush too often, but twice a day is mandatory, says the best dentist in Nagpur. Try brushing with a toothbrush with soft bristles along the gum line because that is where the maximum plaques build up. So always make it a point to brush correctly for two minutes, in a circular motion slowly, and try covering the back of the mouth the back molars, because that part usually skips out, and that is where maximum plaque is found.  

Try using toothpaste with fluoride because that helps the tooth to become strong against decay.  

  1. Daily Flossing: 

Along with brushing twice a day, another essential habit you must teach is flossing after every meal. Flossing eradicates food particles stuck in between teeth which results in the growth of bacteria that leads to plaque buildup, says the best dentist in Nagpur.  

Flossing is crucial as it can prevent you from bad breath, any gum disease, or decaying of tooth.  

  1. Don’t Snack Frequently: 

If you are someone who loves muching throughout the day, then it’s alarming, my friend, since eating all day can cause plaque acid attack on your teeth, making your teeth more prone to decay. Always aim to have those basic three meals a day. Your tooth also needs recovery after every meal since the tooth faces an acid attack with every meal.  

It is not the meal that we eat; it is the number of times we consume a meal that makes our teeth more prone to decay, advises the best dentist in Nagpur. Therefore try cutting down on your habit of frequently snacking on things.  

  1. Change Of Toothbrush: 

It is essential to change our toothbrushes regularly. Many of usually don’t realise this but it is very crucial. The toothbrush becomes worn, and tears like any other thing we use, the bacterias, the germs that reside on it, the bristle become crooked, they tear off. Hence, the best dentists advise that you should keep in mind to change your toothbrush every three months.  

Using a worn-out toothbrush can affect your gums badly, resulting in gum diseases.  

  1. Avoid Smoking: 

It has been researched well that smoking is a cause of gum disease. The toxins present in the nicotine cause the tartar to become more aggressive that affects and destroy your tooth more quickly than people who don’t smoke.  

The best dentist in Nagpur says to avoid smoking, and it would be more suitable if you could just quit or scrap the habit of smoking. Smoking not only affects oral health but it destroys the lungs too.  

  1. Use A Tongue Scraper: 

Your tongue is an integral part of your mouth that requires daily cleaning if you want good oral hygiene and fresh breath. An unhealthy tongue can also invite a series of diseases to your overall well-being if the best dentist in Nagpur is to be believed.  

Hence, a good habit of scraping your tongue daily adds to your maintenance of oral health.  

  1. Drink Water: 

Keeping yourself hydrated is always something we have heard people saying. Hydrating yourself not only keeps your hair, skin healthy and refrains you from other diseases, but drinking water at equal intervals is also a part of maintaining good oral hygiene, says the best dentist in Nagpur. 

A dry mouth causes more bacteria, resulting in plaque growth, which ultimately results in gum disease, tooth decay, etc. So keeping your mouth moist is another way of taking care of your oral hygiene.  


  1. Regular Visit To Dentists: 

Even if you are following your home care routines very religiously, and you feel you have no issues with your teeth and oral health, still make it a habit to see your dentist twice a year or at regular intervals.  

The best dentist in Nagpur believes that a good oral hygiene routine or practice comprises regular visits to the dentist. Your teeth may look acceptable to you with absolutely no issues, but monitoring them for some prior indications is always better than landing up to some complicated issues.  

So these are some essential yet efficient seven tips that you should follow very religiously to maintain good oral hygiene and teeth health. Good oral hygiene leads to the overall sound health of an individual.  

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