Four Major Benefits Of TP-Link Archer Wireless Router You Need To Know

There are tons of routers available in the market. Some have the best speed while some have provided the best coverage. But nowadays, streaming the game on a live telecast is more popular. A simple router cannot fulfill the wish of the gamers, as a super-fast gaming router is required. But there is a router that can fulfill the dreams of game lovers. It is the TPLink AX11000 that provides a high-speed internet connection with better stability. The TP-Link Archer Wireless Router is a next-generation gaming router with tri-band technology. It delivers a superfast speed of 10GBps with all bands. The eight Gigabit external ports allow connecting the external devices such as gaming consoles, play stations, etc. Two 5GHz bands and one 2.4GHz band allow you to stream HD videos and games without any buffering.

The 1.8GHz super fast CPU processor provides a stable and fast gaming experience. It can be easily controlled from anywhere by the TPLink Tether app. A C-type USB port on its back makes this device faster and more advanced. The login and setup of this router are simple. Just visit to do so.

Installation of TPLink Archer Wireless Router

Open the shipment box safely and take out the router, ethernet cable, and manual safely. Read all the instructions mentioned in the user manual. It will help you to do the installation within a few minutes. You need a modem, router, AC socket, and an ethernet cable to do the installation.

Firstly, turn off your modem and connect it to your LAN port available at the back of the router using the ethernet cable. Now turn on your modem and you will see that the device is restarting within a minute. Now using an adapter connect the router to the AC socket. You will notice that the LED light starts blinking. It means the router is ready for the setup process.

Benefits Of TPLink Archer Wireless Router

The TP-Link router is a next-generation advanced router with many advantages. Users should look for the benefits of this router before purchasing it. Here are some benefits of this router.

Easy Installation and Setup

The setup and installation of this TP-Link Archer Wireless Router are simple. There are various ways through which you can set up this router. Open the web management page by entering an IP address in the web browser search box. The alternate way to set up the device is by turning on the Bluetooth and linking it with your mobile device.

Fast Connectivity

Their 8 Gigabit Ethernet port, as well as C-type USB port, allows users to share data at super-fast speeds. External devices such as PlayStation, the gaming consoles can easily be added to your router which enhances the gamer’s experience.

Safe and Secure

The inbuilt antivirus feature protects your internet connection from viruses, malware. A separate guest network with parental control feature allows you to surf the internet in a private way and to manage the website by blocking or allowing it. The lifetime malware protection feature is one of the great advantages of this router.

Design and Speed

The design of this router is very unique and eye-catching. It has four external antennas which boost the Archer Ax11000 wifi range up to a great extent. Its speed is unmatchable as it delivers almost 10GBps speed. The CPU processor is also very fast and provides a stable network connection.

Some Disadvantages Of TPLink Archer Wireless Router

As no one is perfect, this router also has some disadvantages.

Heavy Weight and Pricing

Due to its bulky weight, it may be difficult for some users to place the tplinkwify router at a perfect location. The price of this router is very expensive as compared to the other gaming routers. It is useless for gamers who can’t afford it.

Confusing Interface

There are many options to do or manage the settings related to the games. It may confuse some users. Accessing the app requires a TPLink account which may irritate some users.


It is a very good router with a high-speed internet connection. Long-range coverage and eye-catching design definitely attract buyers. I had been using this product for the last 6 months and it is working pretty well. 8 gigabit external ports will allow you to add external devices. Due to its heavyweight and confusing gaming interface, it may irritate some users. The price range is also not affordable for some users. Overall, a good product, Buyers who can afford it will definitely go for this one.

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