Gifting Ideas For All The Working Mothers!

Gifting Ideas For All The Working Mothers!

In present times, women make for a great percentage of the workforce throughout the world. Before marriage, there is nothing that stops a woman to make a career for herself and attain some stability in life. 

Gifting Ideas For All The Working Mothers

But it is well-known that a lot of women who have children find it very difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance. It is not for everyone to juggle between both, their career and motherhood at the same time.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that women find it more difficult to balance these two important life factors as compared to men, and we all know why. 

In this patriarchal society, it becomes a generalised notion that the woman must do the household work which is why many women leave their careers behind and go ahead to fulfil their duties as wives and mothers.

Mothers are supposed to be celebrated with the best mothers day gifts possible to show them all the love you have in store for her, no matter if she is working or not.

The portrait and recognition of a working mother | Gifting Ideas For All The Working Mothers!

When it comes to understanding a working mother, one must always keep in mind the amount of hard work she is doing as an employee and a mother. She has been balancing both these duties right from the start without any hesitation.

This is the reason why companies have come up with special policies for mothers working with them. It has been seen that when a working environment pays equal attention to the needs and wants of the employee as a mother, they are more likely to retain them with maximum productivity.

What to give to a coworker who is a mother?

Wherever you work, you will find out that there are a few mothers on the team who dedicate their time to the company leaving their children behind. It is important to acknowledge this sacrifice of hers and show her some love as a colleague too! Here are some gifting options appropriate to give to a mother working in the firm:

Give her a handwritten note

Handwritten notes work best with coworkers. These small notes can give a boost of motivation and also hold the power to spread the smile on the receiver’s face!

Write a note stating how proud you are of your colleague or even how you admire her for making motherhood and working together seem like an easy job for everyone even when it’s not! You will see her face light up immediately! 

Thank her with some flowers

You can send flowers for mothers day to your colleagues home or decorate her desk with them! Make sure she does not have allergies though. seeing her office space all decked up will make her an entire day!

Gift cards and coupons for later use

Gift cards and coupons are other great ideas for gifting to mothers at the workplace. Gift her a card for a restaurant or a spa day and she is surely going to appreciate your efforts towards the thought.

Something for everyday use

Since working mothers are always on the run, gifting them something sustainable and reusable is something you should consider. Coffee mugs, blender jars or even a travel pillow could work for her!

Little hampers matching her vibe

When you work with someone, you start understanding their likes and dislikes. The same is with all the working moms too! you can create a gift basket customised for each mother on the team.

Gift her a coffee collection if she loves coffee, or a chocolate hamper if she has a sweet tooth. A mother who loves reading will be happy to receive books as gifts. The options are endless!

In companies, it is important to show gratitude to every employee and intern working there, but moreover towards someone who is an employee and a mother too!

Conclusion | Gifting Ideas For All The Working Mothers

It takes a lot of dedication to go through the tedious task of work in the morning and also spending quality time with the children in the evening. But for mothers, it is pretty common and they go through it all with a lot of patience. Celebrate mothers day at the workplace by getting a mothers day cake delivery and also gifting all the mothers whatever they can!

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