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Fulfill Daily Needs of Your Customers with Gojek Clone App

On-demand businesses are the rage. They are taking over the traditional businesses. All thanks to on-demand delivery apps that are now part of our daily lives. They have been consistently performing regardless of the world witnessing the pandemic like challenging phase.  It is no wonder why entrepreneurs love venturing into an on-demand industry. Gojek is one such app that makes it irresistible to the business magnets. This multi-service delivery app platform has taken the Asian markets by storm. The Gojek clone App inspiration has been imitated through Gojek Clone App.

If you are wondering if you can make an app like Gojek, yes you can. Let’s understand this.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

GoJek Clone App is an inspired mobile application from Gojek. This allows integrating on-demand delivery services, taxi rides, on-demand services everything under one roof. This super app is a unique business model that generates quick revenues.

Gojek Clone is a ready-made solution that is developed on scalable technology. This means it allows your business to expand and grow without you spending extra. Your future business enhancements are taken care of. Furthermore, the app is 100% white-label open source code which means it allows entrepreneurs to customize it, tweak it, remove the features accordingly. Additionally, it allows modifying the themes, color combination, logos accordingly.

Gojek Clone App is a user-centric application that is designed to provide hassle-free on-demand delivery services at affordable rates. The app automates your business operations, reduces operational costs, streamlines your businesses, provides you with the analytics and reporting to improve the gaps.

GoJek Clone App Solution is what your business needs to transform completely into an on-demand hat your business needs to get transformed into a complete on-demand service provider of today. GoJek Clone Script empowers to deliver excellent on-demand delivery services, with seamless integration, secured authentication.

This way you will have complete control over your business and offering an edge over the competition.

Gojek Clone App – Multiple Services In A Single App

People’s daily lives highly depend on the apps like Gojek. Looking at the present situation, where stepping out is restricted, with on and off lockdowns and ever-changing government rules regarding safety measures, it makes sense to order online.

Contactless deliveries, online payment can help curb virus transmission. An app like Gojek is the best solution for people looking to order essential services as well as to accomplish the chores. 

Gojek Clone App Solution is mainly categorized into 3 parts:

  • Taxi ride booking
  • On-demand delivery services
  • On-demand services

Taxi Ride Booking

Taxi ride booking is Gojek Clone’s primary part. This feature offers more than just booking taxis. It is a complete taxi booking solution where you can integrate it with a variety of taxi booking services like Moto Ride, Shuttle Services, Carpooling/Ridesharing, Cab rentals, etc. The user can book a taxi on the go. Especially now that people are hesitating traveling through public transportation, offering them an affordable taxi booking option can be the best way to boost your Gojek App Clone visibility.

The primary features include quick registration, easy-to-book rides, online payments, live-tracking, in-app chat/call, feedback, and reviews.

On-demand Demand Deliveries

Gojek Clone App offers many delivery services like grocery delivery, food delivery, wine delivery, flower delivery, pharmacy, and so on. Clicking over this part of the service will show the nearest service provider. They can proceed to choose as per their requirements. The advanced search filter offers to filter in terms of location, price, ratings, customer service, etc. The multiple online payment methods offer the users to pay with ease. Once the order is confirmed it gets delivered a the doorstep.

On-demand services 

People often need help with their day-to-day chores. Additionally, if there is repairing work like electrician, plumbing, etc. Rather than calling your friends and family and asking for a reference, Gojek Clone App offers on-demand services that include babysitters, handyman services, beautician, dog walkers, lawyers, tow truck/road assistance, sanitization services, maid services, house cleaning, carpenters, locksmith, etc. can be arranged in few swaps.

The clone app offers 60+ services where the users can pick any of it services they require and schedule the time for the same. The professional will arrive to mend the problem.

The user then is ask to provide feedback and rating about how the work and overall app performance. 

Integrate Your Gojek Clone App With New Features

On-demand delivery service apps like Gojek are influencing the business sectors worldwide. To make your Gojek Clone App unique integrate it with new features such as:

  • Restricted passenger limit
  • Face mask verification
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety reviews and ratings
  • Ride cancellation
  • Taxi fare calculation – 2 models
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Restaurant/Store wise commission
  • Day wise separate time slots
  • Item name searching
  • 18+ age confirmation
  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers
  • Restaurants to upload their kitchen pictures
  • Delivery driver with a helper to assist him
  • OTP verification to start the task
  • Order cancellation option for a delivery driver
  • Graphical status of rides/orders via in-app notifications

Bottom Line:

Entrepreneurs can benefit from building Gojek Clone Script Solution by hiring an app development company. The professional technical team will provide you with the white-label solution that provides you with unlimited customization. Thus, entrepreneurs can modify the changes easily without needing technical help.

This way Gojek Clone App provides business owners with multiple streams of revenue. Boosting the growth of your business. 


Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

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