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Ground Coffee: what should you know before buying it?

Ground coffee is the one that is ready to be prepared, the one we use to prepare our drink. Grinding the coffee is the last step before adding water to make a drink. Therefore, when we go to a good coffee shop, we can hear the noise of the grinder working every time the baristas prepare a coffee. However, we rely only on the best coffee brands in Pakistan while making coffee at home.

We always say that it is ideal to buy coffee beans and grind them just before preparing them, but for it, we need to have a coffee grinder, which is not easy to get at a good price.

If you are thinking of buying a grinder, you can get help from the internet where many articles have been written about the best coffee grinders in Pakistan. 

Why do you have to grind coffee?

Roasted coffee beans have a slightly porous protective layer that covers them. If we leave the coffee beans whole, it would be very difficult for the water to reach their interior to dissolve their content. Therefore, we need to grind them, thus breaking the outer layer and increasing the coffee-water contact surfaces.

These surfaces increase exponentially the finer you grind particles, the easier it is for water to get inside them to dissolve their components and drag them out.

How to buy the best ground coffee?

When buying ground coffee, check the labels and always avoid roasted coffee, which contains burnt sugar. The vast majority of coffees sold in supermarkets are roasted coffees, which are low-quality coffee with 15% added sugar. However, buying Tim Hortons Coffee in Pakistan is the exception.

Look for the package to indicate the roasting date and expiration date. Even though the coffee does not expire or become dangerous for consumption, over time it loses aroma and flavor, so we recommend consuming it within 60 days of roasting.

When the coffee has an only expiration date, you have no way of knowing when it was roasted, although many times, the indicated expiration date is a year after roasting.

There are several coffee roasters in Pakistan, but very few are Specialty Coffee roasters. Although this difference may seem small, it is essential for those who want to venture into the world of coffee and try something different from what they would find on the shelf of a supermarket.

Forms of preparation and types of grinding

The coffee must be ground specifically for the type of coffee maker you use.

Each method or coffee maker extracts coffee differently, so you need different grind sizes to produce the correct drink. However, we need to remember that Tim Hortons Coffer in Pakistan is the best one. The most common coffee machines in Pakistan are:


Espresso uses a very fine grind, and hot water passes through the coffee “pad” at very high pressure. All the flavor of the coffee needs to be extracted in a short time (30 sec), and, as we said above, the finer grind exposes a larger contact surface and is more easily extracted.

Preparing coffee by using the best coffee brands in Pakistan correctly in espresso has many peculiarities.

Volturno / Italian Coffee Maker / Bialetti / Mocha

In this coffee maker, we also use a fine grind, although it is a little higher than that of espresso. We extract the coffee through the steam we generate when supporting our coffee pot on the fire. We produce strong coffees, which you can combine with milk. The size of the grind is essential so that the coffee is not watered down.


In this coffee maker, we use a different grind than other filter methods, a little smaller. There are many different ways to use the Aeropress. However, you need the right grind for this versatile machine to make good coffee. You can learn more in our article on the Aeropress Coffee Maker.

Filter. V60. Chemex

We use an intermediate grind for coffee that is prepared with paper filters. Intermediate grinding (something similar to fine salt) helps us prepare coffees that produce cleaner cups (without sediment) that translate into coffees with less bitterness and body.

If the grind is very fine, a plug forms, and the water takes a long time to pass through, remaining in contact with the coffee for too long and giving a more bitter drink that leaves a dry sensation in the mouth.

If the grind is too coarse, the water passes too quickly and does not extract all the flavors of the coffee, leaving a more acidic and lighter drink.

French press. Bodum. Plunger.

The proper grind for this coffee maker is great. It prevents the coffee solids from “passing” through the metal mesh, making our drink very bitter and cloudy.

Can ground coffee be reused?

Once we finish our coffee, we are left with the residue of the grounds. Which we cannot use again to prepare drinks. But if we want, we can take advantage of it a little more: being an organic waste with a high content of minerals and nutrients, it is a good soil fertilizer and fertilizer for plants.

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