Guide to Getting an Advantage in Online Casino Games 

If you think online casinos are rigged, then you are wrong. If you know the tricks, many games give an advantage to their players rather than the house.

Most gamblers, especially the seasoned ones, think that “advantage play” only refers to blackjack or card counters. It is, however, just some of the many casino games that give you an edge against other players and even the gambling house itself.

But before we delve into the topic, it is best to know what the term means. Advantage play or advantage gambling is a legal way of becoming dominant against other players and the casino itself. Some House-banked casino games, not just blackjack, also give you an advantage.

What are the games?

You can find advantage plays commonly in card games. Here are the casino games that will most likely let you win almost every time:


In playing poker and its variations, the gambler’s only expense is the house rake, making this card game a perfect advantage play. By mastering the technique of how your hand is dealt when playing this game against other opponents, your earnings will be quicker.

Furthermore, players can choose which opponents they would like to face if they are patient. So if you are lucky, you may go up against poor players and can quickly earn more.

The most popular poker variation is Texas Holdem which is available at Moreover, this format has no limits so players can play cash games, multi-table tournaments, and single-table tournaments. If you want bigger buy-in tournaments, you must play in satellite matches.

The downside of Texas Holdem is that mistakes are very costly since it has no limits. It is better to hone your poker skills first before entering any tournament.

Sports Betting

You do not have to cash in whenever you want to gamble on sports. All you need is to pay the vig or the charging fee of sportsbooks like OKBET. If you bet on the right team, your wager will be returned along with your win. You only lose your money when your whole stake is lost.

How will you gain a profit in sports betting? Now that is the complicated part. So to “actually” win, your winnings should be 52.4% higher than the typical vig.

To do that, you must familiarize yourself with the sport you are betting on, shop for the best lines that give your more earnings, and search for beatable sportsbooks. Moreover, it would help if you practice handicapping or the ability to assess the games to determine which lines have the most expected positive value.


A good blackjack player uses card counting to win. In this game, the house edge is less than one percent. If you master the art of card counting, you can be up against a house with a lower advantage than yours.

However, it is challenging. It would be best to perfect a basic strategy, learn to count cards well, know when to bet enough, and, most importantly, not get caught. Once you overcome these challenges, you will always have an advantage against the house.

To create the strategy you need to beat the game, you must learn the rules. Focus on how the house edge changes.

You then have to find a counting system. Hi-lo, Red 7, and Knock Out are the popular ones. Learn how they work before choosing one to practice before using in a live play.

E-sports Betting

Although relatively new, e-sports betting is much like sports betting. You also have to learn about the teams and the competing players so handicapping future matches will be easier.

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