Hair Growth Treatments That Works Wonder on your Hair

While hair loss treatments are numerous, they can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, not all of them work the way they’re advertised. If you’ve been struggling with your hair for a long time, you know it can be frustrating to get your hair growth back on track. Luckily, some proven treatments are less expensive and more effective than others — so you won’t need to worry about shelling out hundreds of dollars a month for a janky treatment that doesn’t work. Here’s how to get faster results using natural remedies.


1. Drinking More Water Can Help Your Hair Grow Faster


If you’re noticing your hair isn’t growing as fast as it used to, drink more water. According to Dr. Bauman, “Your hair is 100 per cent hydrated when it is 82 per cent water, so drinking enough water will help all of your body, including your hair.”
The next time you’re hairy, try to lengthen the neglected part of your hair where the roots are located. The skin contains a protein called Erythropoietin that helps your hair grow, and in some cases, for the first time in years, your hair will start growing where it’s most needed.
Finally, stop relying on hair colour to identify shaggy spots on your head. Dr Park explains, “[Color] is only a visual clue. The true reason why you have hair is that you produce substances that cause hair follicles to develop and grow. Without chemicals in your system, we will never know what we are making.”


According to Sajid, smooth skin can help your hair grow, so take care to keep those baby-soft whiskers looking sleek. It’s also important to use certain moisturizing products on your face and hands to keep your skin feeling tender and silky healthy. When it comes to losing your hair, vinegar is an oldie but a goodie. Dr Bauman recommends adding a mixture of 75 parts vinegar to 1 part warm water to get a mixture of properties that call on the beneficial enzymes in your body to help with hair loss. For additional ideas on what vinegar can do, check out 
Being vegan does wonder for your skin — and your hair. Surprisingly, consuming 40 grams of buckwheat a day — wheat bran that’s been processed into a powder — resulted in faster skin growth in boys. Bonhotal says that for every 1,000 calories you burn through exercise, you need to burn 36.5 grams of dietary fibre through your diet. If your diet is lacking in fibre, consider eating a big handful of buckwheat as a snack or adding it to your smoothie.



2. Certain Foods Can Speed Up Hair Growth


The best foods for hair growth are those that are high in zinc, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Good sources of zinc include seafood, red meat, whole grains, and dairy products. Foods high in protein include fish, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, tofu, and dairy products. Also, any food that is high in Vitamin D aids in hair growth. Also, any food that contains selenium aids in hair regrowth.
In addition to consuming a variety of high-quality foods, some foods can help boost your hair growth. Vitamin D, iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin C work as your body’s natural retinoids to bring your hair growth. Meanwhile, caffeine, phenolic acids, and selenium are some natural remedies that target damaged or unhealthy hair cells.
Overall, understanding the basics of natural hair growth will help compensate for the efforts it takes to keep your hair healthy and growing. Consuming the following foods supports hair growth and may reduce the need for expensive treatments.
Quercetin is a natural antioxidant that helps support healthy hair growth. Also, taking a supplement before bed can help induce healthy hair growth.
Vitamin A supports the growth and maintenance of strong hair. Also, taking anti-ageing vitamins can dramatically reduce the signs of ageing on your hair. Calcium supports healthy scalp hair, which is crucial for healthy hair growth. Zinc supports the growth and maintenance of strong hair. Vitamin D works as your body’s main source of vitamin A and is essential for healthy hair. Also if you are looking for Hair Growth Treatments for your hair loss and thin hair, look no further than the Cosmetize UK because it has the widest range of Hair Growth Products.


3. Using a Specific Shampoo That’s Proven to Work for Your Hair Type


If you’re going to invest in quality hair products, you should invest in a specific shampoo that’s proven to work for your hair type. For example, if you have fine hair, you’ll be better off using a volumizing shampoo to add volume. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, a pomade treatment with whole-head coverage is probably the best bet for evenly distributing the product. Both methods include mixing a tablespoon of product with 1 tablespoon of water and rinsing your hair, which is known to help break up products and prevent re-absorption — and hair loss. Stop the presses: Research shows combing your hair straight after you’ve dried it in the shower may help you re-absorb product while rocking it as you comb your way straight to the shower is another great option. Best of both worlds: The Voluma Shampoo, Voluma Lightening Repair and Voluma III Pomade come in V-Force, Voluma Arctic and Voluma Extreme.
Remember plastic hair-dryers? If you run your fingers over the ends of your curls before rinsing them, your hair can fall out (in a particularly gruesome way). While an expensive gadget might biodegrade, drying it with a hairdryer is another option. One study concluded the average person embellishes roughly 70% of the hair they have in their heads, so this won’t do much to slow down the process. For a more thorough drying method, you can even use a blowdryer to add breakage. Ab skipping: Instead of washing your hair with excessive heat and jets of hot water, simply give it a quick flock (flip side up) before rinsing.
It’s super easy to turn the water you’re using for blowdrying into a blow dryer rinse. Simply place your hot, dried hair into the bowl of the dryer, and turn the switch to the high setting. The next time you wash your hair, high volume and soft curls will be preserved. Said another way, the deleted shampoo from your hair dryer may come back to haunt you much easier.


4. Massaging Your Scalp Regularly


Massaging your scalp helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp which in turn helps to promote hair growth. Massaging your scalp can also help to stimulate the lymph nodes, which are a major part of your immune system. Massaging your scalp can also help to ease stress and anxiety, which can also have an impact on hair growth. While you can use your fingers to massage, an alternative is to use a frother.
This machine uses blast heat to release a steam-like substance that rapidly stimulates hair growth. You can find one for just a few dollars on Amazon. It costs around $60 and works the same way. Dry scalp? You’re not alone! Dry skin and scalp are said to be the number-one cause of female-specific hair loss. 
According to Medical News Today, hair loss can be greatly reduced if you replenish your skin’s natural moisturizer. Moisturising your skin helps to equalize the oil content and prevent dryness. An effective moisturizer can also remove dead skin cells buildup. Many dermatologists are recommending moisturizers as part of your treatment plan when it comes to treating or preventing hair loss.


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