Here’s Why You Need a Spill Kit on Site

You’ll already be aware that if your workplace regularly utilises, stores or transports any kind of hazardous liquid as a part of daily activities, then you need a spill kit. This is an aspect of Australian law, but why is this so important?

This is where you’ll find out the value of spill kits in Australia. 

Spill Kits Allow For a Work Environment That’s Safe 

A spill kit is necessary because a safe workplace requires everyone to be prepared for as many different scenarios as possible. On the off chance that your business routinely handles any kind of fluids, be they water-based fluids, hydrocarbon fills, or destructive acids, then, at that point, there is continuously going to be an opportunity for a mishap that prompts a spill.

Part of creating a safe work environment means ensuring that your workers are both physically and mentally safe. 

Physical safety is the more obvious of the two, especially when prolonged exposure to toxic liquids, fumes, and by-products from reactions with the environment can cause minor or serious health issues, necessitating quick, safe, and effective spill clean-up options. Let your employees work with peace of mind that they are safe at work. 

Spill Kits Ensure a Safe, Smooth Workflow 

When parts of the workspace have to be closed off while cleaning is done, a fluid spill can ruin a company’s workflow. Oil spills can make it more likely that someone will fall, make it unsafe for forklifts and other transport equipment to move through the area, and toxic or corrosive fluids will need to be thoroughly cleaned so that there are no health risks when the workspace is opened up again.

All of this takes time, which makes employees wait, reduces productivity, and hurts a business’s performance. When there is no strategy in place, inadequate cleaning methods can take much longer and lead to unsafe working conditions for employees. Additionally, searching for and ordering the appropriate spill kit wastes time when one should already be on site. Quickly and effectively recovering from any incidents will help your business continue as usual. 

Spill Kits Clean Up Workplace Spills

One of the most obvious reasons to have a spill kit on hand is so that you can clean up workplace spills as they happen without having to wait for professionals to come and do the job for you. This is even more critical if your business or organisation deals with toxic fluids because corrosive substances have the potential to harm employees and cause property damage. In addition, environmental damage from toxic fluids of any kind can be long-lasting if they are not controlled. A spill has a greater chance of affecting a larger area and entering local ecosystems and water supplies the longer the clean-up process takes.

Spill Kits Adhere to the Strict Environmental Laws of Australia

 When compared to many other nations, Australia is known for its stringent environmental laws. As a business requirement, an Australian company must adhere to stringent regulations whenever it engages in any activity that poses a spill risk. Even if a spill does not cause harm to the environment or individuals, failure to do so could result in significant fines. 

In a nutshell, the law says that you have to make sure that the spill containment system can clean up and dispose of any hazardous chemical that spills or leaks, as well as any effluent that comes from it. 

If you’re now in the market for a spill kit, Spill Station Australia has all the compliant oil, marine and chemical spill kits you could ever need to keep your workplace as safe as it can be!

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