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Home Inspection 101: All You Need to Know

Home Inspection 101: All You Need to Know

South Mumbai is home to some of the best-designed and built residential communities. You can find here top-of-the-line residential projects. Whether you are looking for a house or a 2 BHK apartment in South Mumbai, you are available with more than enough options. However, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing one.

Also, when you are out to buy a property, viewing it in person is crucial. Home buying is one of the most important as well as expensive tasks of your life. Many put their entire life savings into buying a home. Certainly, it is a decision that needs to be carried out patiently and taking all aspects into account.

For that, a home inspection is the first thing you need to do after finding a property that suits your budget and needs. The newly built homes and flats in South Mumbai are developed impeccably. Even then, you cannot deny the importance of house inspection. And if you are renting out an apartment or house, it becomes even more important as many landlords are not keen on getting things done after renting out their property.

Home inspection brings along with it the peace that you are putting your money in the right place. And if there is anything left to be done or completed, it is brought to notice right away.

Having said that, let’s take a look at why you should always get your home inspected:

Home Inspection Shall Protect You

This is true. Many a time, we are so blinded by how much we love a house or apartment that we only look at the surface value of things. A home inspector shall ensure that you are not missing anything and aware of how everything is. During a home inspection, a list is made. The home inspection reviews the property disclosure statement first. The list contains the discrepancies the seller knows himself that can affect the value of the property. These include roof leaks, pest or mold problems, and foundation damage.

The inspector takes a look at all the problems, proposes the best fixes for them, and makes a report along with photos. This report is important both to you and your agent as it will be used to get the repairs done.

Home Inspector Cannot Fix Everything but Point Them Out

Sure, home inspectors will look for issues one can spot easily with the naked eye. They won’t necessarily be tearing down walls or climbing on the rooftop. But they would be using devices such as binoculars and others to keenly take a look at everything. And then advise you if the roof needs replacement or not.

Based on their skills and experience, they can tell you about the deeper problems, if any with the property you are viewing. For example, if there is mould and dampness in the air, the list would contain water damage. Then you can ask the seller to get someone to check and find the source of water damage. They also check the fireplaces and chimneys for any blockage or bird nests.

So, getting home inspection lets you make an informed decision as it lets you in on the issues the property might have.

Selecting a Home Inspection Company

Knowing the importance of home inspection, now is the time to find one. Your real estate agent could be helpful and even recommend some names. You can ask around your friends, family, and colleagues. They might be able to suggest someone.  After you find them and decide to hire them, you need to ask them a couple of questions:

  • Their certification or license
  • How long they have been doing a home inspection for (You want to look for someone with a minimum of 5 years of experience).
  • Their fees (This varies according to both location and size of the property).
  • What do they check, would you get to see a sample report? In how many days? This is to determine their attention to detail. Normally it takes five to 7 days to get the report. While some inspection reports are provided within 24 hours of the inspection.

Are you willing to do repair work? To what extent? You need to have a practical approach as a buyer. You might feel pressured by the seller as well as your agent. But it is your call. If something does not feel right, talk about it. So whether you are looking to buy a house or a 2 BHK flat for sale in Byculla, do not ignore the significance of home inspection. It is a favor that you are doing to yourself. Trust your gut, trust what you see and what the inspection report tells you, and then move ahead.

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