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How Can Synology 6 Bay DS162+ Work as the Best Storage Device?

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ device helps to protect your data and store your memories for a very long time. It has a backup function so whenever any file is mistakenly deleted or lost from you then you can simply recover it from the Synology device. Most of the big organizations and companies store their important files and documents in the Synology NAS device. As it also protects the data from being hacked and theft by anonymous persons. It can feed or store the records of the last six months with a backup function so you can recheck the data whenever you want to.

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ device provides a high speed of 3200 Mbps. It helps to store up to 15 drives that will help to boost the storage capacity of the device whenever it grows. You can also use the virtualization tools that will help to run the virtual machines on your NAS device with the help of SSD slots.

Synology 6 Bay DS162+ As the best Storage Device

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ is a built-in SSD cache slot that helps to expand the memory of the storage device. Also, it helps to increase the capacity of the device by providing a 10 GbE port to the device. The Synology device is also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It supports the dual M.2 SSD for enabling high-speed performance. The most amazing quality of the NAS storage device is that you can access your important files and documents from anywhere and anytime. Here are some points that prove how Synology devices can work as the best storage device. You can also perform the Synology 6 Bay DS162+ setup by signing in to your account

Access Data from anywhere

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ can be simply accessed anywhere and anytime. There are many ways from and it depends on your locality. It helps you to access the files within your local network. Also, you can access the FTP application as well. To do so you have the IP address of your domain name. Your account and password with default port number. Also, access your documents with Web DAV and synchronize your file with a drive that can allow over 15 drives to store the data for the long term.

Backup storage of your data

Also, it provides a backup of your data. As it is designed to restore your files and perform many backup tasks. So you can easily sync your shared folders. To activate the backup system go to the control panel in your computer and tap on the up[date and restore option and go for the configuration process and this is how you receive your files and documents for more than six months.

Enhanced Internet Safety

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ allows you to capture the photos and record the videos and store them in a private place. And allows only those users who can access the private documents and files who have login access to the Synology device. It helps to record the video for the surveillance of the important files. As it allows you to watch the real-time images and allows you to record or monitor the recorded videos in alarm recording mode or motion detection mode for the safety of your files. In the Synology storage device, you can also manage the storage space and share files with your loved ones or partners.

Sign in to the Synology 6 Bay DS162+ Device

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ device provides everything in just minutes. Get your thing done quickly with its drive and the management system of the device. It provides the fastest access with a high storage capacity. You can ultimately share your files with full security and protection to your data and device. Also, it enhances the working efficiency of the device with easy management tools. Here are the steps of logging in after successful installation and setup Synology 6 device

Sign Into Your Synology device

Once you are successfully configured the settings of your account. Now you have to sign in to your Synology device to access the files from anywhere and anytime. It makes your work life easier when you know how to deal with the working environment.

Log into the Web browser

So first of all, ensure that your PC is connect to the same network connection from which your Synology device is accessing the internet connection. Also, ensure that your both devices get a proper internet connection. If they got interrupt because of poor internet services then you can’t access the files from your storage device. Now launch any of the web browsers of your choice and type find.synology in the address bar. With the help of the local network connection. The web browser will help you to find your device and after that hit the connect option for the successful connection.

Log in with the IP address or server name

If you want to log in with the help of the IP address or the server name then ensure that you have a successful internet connection with your NAS device and the connected device. Now launch a web browser on your PC and enter the Synology IP address in the address bar. If you use the server name, then in that case it is automatically replace with your device when you reach the initial installation process.

Username and password

Make sure that your computer and the device both run with smooth internet access. When you access the web page with the correct web address or IP address then after that you have to log in with all your credential details to access your login id. Make sure that you have put the correct username and password after that you can use the Synology device. If your details are not correct then you are not able to access the login id. And this is how you will sign into the Synology device to use your documents or files from any part of the world.

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