How change in stem cell structure helps fight obesity?

Stem cell

Obesity refers to the state of excessive amounts of fat in the body. Do you think this is good? Of Course not! Being obese is related to so many health issues such as there is a risk of stroke, kidney failure, liver disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Shocking right! Stem cell transplant is the new innovative treatment developed to treat obesity in individuals. Stem cell transplant cost is way higher than other procedures but it is said to be worth every penny. 

Hence, it is vital to maintain a healthy body weight to keep chronic illnesses at bay. Now how do you do this? Simply, just eating a healthy diet, regular exercising, and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve ideal body weight. 

Did you know? In India, around 135 million individuals were affected by obesity. That’s quite a number for our nation. Obesity is concerned with major heart disease which may lead to a heart attack. 

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a major health problem increasing day by day. It is a health condition in which excess fats accumulate under the skin and around visceral organs. A person is said to be obese when his/her body weight exceeds 20% of the ideal weight. It no wonder invites many health problems running through individuals’ health and happiness. 

We are here to talk about how stem cell structure may help fight obesity. So, let’s quickly jog our memory of what stem cell transplant is.

What is a stem cell transplant?

A stem cell transplant is also called a bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure to place healthy stem cells in the body. Healthy cells may either come from your own body or donated by someone else. It is majorly processed or treated for certain types of cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and other immune diseases that affect the stem cells structure. 

The stem cell transplant cost in India ranges between 40,00,000 to 1 crore which is cheap in India compared to other western countries. 

But what is a stem cell?

Stem cells are special cells that create a variety of cells needed by your body. Stem cells create red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. These are responsible for carrying out oxygen throughout the body, fighting infections in the body, and forming blood clots respectively. If stem cells fail to produce RBC, WBC, and platelets, then the person has to go for a bone marrow transplant

Now, we are clear on the scientific terms of stem cells and obesity.

Let’s move on to understand what our topic says. 

A new theory has been developed by researchers that when we reduce the size of tiny hair-like structures formed on the stem cells, it can help to prevent the building of fats. This can be used to prevent obesity. It is a new kind of treatment that can help prevent obesity, cancer, and even arthritis.  

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What the research is:

The research conducted at Queen Mary University situated in London (QMUL), discovered that a minor change in the length of primary cilia. Small hair-like structures found on most cells stopped human stem cells taken from adult bone marrow from producing fat cells. 

Adipogenesis, or the division of stem cells into fat cells, is a part of the mechanism by which calories are converted to fat. The researchers discovered that the length of primary cilia increases during adipogenesis, which is linked to the transfer of particular proteins onto the cilia. When the researchers tried to stop the elongation of cilia in the stem cells, genetically the formation of new fat cells was prevented. 

The study also reveals that many health issues namely blindness, kidney problems, problems with bone and obesity are all can be caused by defects in primary cilia. The new research suggests that this is the first time something like this has been discovered. A slight regulation in primary cilia structure can control the differentiation of stem cells to fats. 

This research sheds new light on the control of fat cell development and obesity, as primary cilia length can be affected by a variety of factors such as pharmaceuticals, inflammation, and even mechanical forces.

This research sheds light on the discovery of a new treatment called “cilia-therapy”. Cilia can be controlled to treat a growing range of conditions such as obesity, cancer, arthritis, and inflammation. 

If this treatment is done, there will be prevention of cancer as well which might prevent any bone marrow transplant. 


The new research conducted at the Queen Mary University is remarkable. It can help prevent obesity, cancer as well as arthritis by changing primary cilia that has hair-like structures that build and convert stem cells to fats. If these fats can be stopped from developing there will be no rise in disease. A bone marrow transplant can also be prevented. Bone marrow transplant in India is pocket-friendly compared to other nations globally with the same treatment available.

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