How Invisalign can Fix Unwanted Gaps from your Missing Teeth

When you have missing teeth, large gaps between the teeth or you have to extract a tooth for orthodontic method, you might consider, “Will Invisalign help to fix the gaps in between your teeth?” To get this answer, you need to go through this blog post and know about other treatment options that include – dental implant, bridges or crowns.

Types of gaps Invisalign can fix

  • Space between your teeth– If you find spacing between your teeth, then clear aligners may help to fix the gaps properly.
  • Small to medium gaps in the teeth– With Invisalign, you can close small and medium gaps between the teeth.
  • Gaps in the front teeth– If there is a gap between the front teeth, then the aligner will correct the problem for your straighter teeth.
  • After extracting extra teeth– If you are having an extra tooth called a supernumerary tooth, then you must extract it before undergoing the procedure.
  • Wisdom tooth gaps– If the wisdom teeth are causing some problems, then you need to get them extracted.

Types of gaps that cannot be fixed with Invisalign

  • Severe cases for tooth extraction– For treating crowded or crooked teeth, you require sufficient space into the arch. Sometimes, you may have to extract two or four teeth before the orthodontic procedure. Wearing invisible braces is the suitable solution for treating these problems.
  • Missing a tooth from some injury– When you lose a tooth from some kind of injury, you require visiting an oral surgeon.
  • Tooth extraction than alignment– Sometimes, you might have to extract one or more teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay or other dental problems. Also, you may or may not be having crooked or misaligned teeth and so, Invisalign is not the right option for such cases.
  • Too much gaps between your teeth– If the gaps are large, then the clear braces might not be a suitable option. It might not be of much help for tooth extraction cases when several teeth have to be extracted. When the gap occurs due to some kind of injury or any oral problem, it will require other option such as bridges, implants or crowns.

How Invisalign can help to close the gaps between your teeth

When performing Invisalign for closing gaps between the teeth, you are given many sets of trays that you need to wear for the specified period. You have to wear each set of trays that have been designed to apply some pressure on your teeth for closing unwanted gaps. This enables the teeth to shift towards their desired position and close the gaps completely. You also have to correct biting problem or it may return back to its actual position and the teeth and jaws won’t function properly.

Who can perform Invisalign treatment for closing the gaps?

Both children and adults can perform Invisalign for closing gaps between teeth. But it is a wise decision to treat the case early for attaining quick result.

How much will Invisalign require for closing the gaps?

Invisalign might require anywhere from 3 to say, 12 months for closing unwanted gaps between your teeth. But it can take nearly 24 months to solve all types of orthodontic complications. The treatment duration is based on the size of gaps, age of patient, complexity of cases and other factors.

You will be given many Invisalign trays during the course of your treatment. One aligner can shift the teeth to 0.2 mm and you will get new set of trays in every one or two weeks. Young people attain quick results than adults and the simple cases require less time when compared to the complicated ones.

Why should you get Invisalign to close the gaps?

If you do not want to wear the traditional braces that might not be suitable, then Invisalign braces can work effectively to close unwanted gaps. Also, you do not want to wear the braces all the time by giving you the benefit of taking them out at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. As these aligners are made of plastic, no one will know you are wearing the trays unless you tell them. The braces are comfortable to use that can help in getting your teeth straightened and improving overall appearance.

What to do when Invisalign cannot fix the gaps

  • Braces– When your case is complicated, invisible braces should be the perfect choice as they fix all orthodontic problems effectively.
  • Retainers– The mild cases like single gap in a tooth may allow children to wear a retainer for closing the gaps. But it won’t be that effective like the braces. You will require performing these treatments when you lose teeth due to extraction, trauma or dental caries and you have missing teeth due to other reasons.
  • Dental bridge
  • Dental crown
  • Removable prosthesis
  • Dental implant

You may book a free consultation for Invisalign in London as Invisalign or clear aligners may fix the unwanted gaps which occur due to some orthodontic problems. But when there are other problems, you may require wearing the braces and undergoing other treatment options.

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