How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh

All cars are made up of different battery capacity, the output voltage and so much more. Hence, each and every car has different sizes of car battery. There are several examples of batteries and their weight.

Moreover, a lead acid battery of 12V is approximately 41 pounds. However, this does not say everything about car batteries. Further, there are different types of car batteries and several factors that depend on the age, BCI group and the size.

So you might ask yourself how much does a car battery weigh? We will discuss them below. Before that, you need to know why you should know the weight of a car battery.

Why Should You Know The Weight?

As an owner, it is vital to know the weight of car batteries. Because, you will need to purchase a similar weight battery when you will replace your old battery with the new one. Moreover, you will be able to choose the right battery for your car by matching the weight of the new battery with the old one.

Further, there are some important reasons why you should know the weight of your car battery. This becomes more useful during the replacement process. Moreover, the battery weight is proportional to your car’s visible driving performance.

This means, choosing the right battery is important for maximized driving experience. Furthermore, your car battery weight also determines the maximum voltage output from that battery. A large vehicle needs a larger battery therefore it will be heavier.

A smaller battery pack will hamper the performance of that large vehicle. Less dense batteries tend to supply less voltage output from the battery to the car thus affecting visible performance.

Moreover, choosing the best weight battery will supply an adequate amount of power that the vehicle needs. So you will get the right amount of performance. Note that 40 pounds is the average weight of car batteries. However, it might fluctuate depending on the car and its models.

Some best car battery weight chart

  1. Honda 2000cc Accord- 15.9Kg
  2. Toyota 1500cc Rav4- 17.7Kg
  3. Subaru 1300cc Impreza- 12.8Kg
  4. Toyota 1500cc Corolla- 20.4kg
  5. Ford 1500cc Explorer- 20.2Kg
  6. Honda 1500cc Civic- 12.2kg

Now, you might ask yourself why are car batteries so heavy. We have answered it below.

Why Do Car Batteries Weigh So Much

Car batteries are made up of lithium ions. These are very dense chemicals and are in very huge quantities. Moreover, the acid in the batteries acts as an electrolyte supplying electricity. Further, most car batteries are also made up of lead. Lead is mixed with water in the battery to make an electrical conducting solution. This makes the car battery very heavy. However, it supplies enormous amount of power needed for your vehicle.

Lithium ion batteries are an alternative to lead acid batteries. So what are lithium ion batteries?

Lithium Ion battery :- They are best optimised for electric and hybrid technology vehicles. Moreover, they are significantly lighter than lead batteries and are very efficient.

However, lithium ion batteries are expensive. This makes the overall battery price rise making it less financially economical. Therefore, they are more expensive that the standard car batteries. Moreover, the price is worth the penny. Light weight gives an advantage for less unwanted weight.

Thus, your vehicle will become more efficient. However, there are several safety issues at lower temperatures. Therefore, lithium ion batteries are good but have some downsides too.

So how can you know the weight of a car battery. Moreover, You will now know how much a car battery weighs.

How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh

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There are several ways to determine the weight of a car battery. However, you cannot always weigh the car battery by itself. Therefore, below are some ways on how to weigh them.

Go Through The Package Or Manual

This is one of the ways to check the weight of the car battery. Look at the surface of the battery. Check for any labels or seals. Moreover, it can also be labelled on the packaging of the battery.

The weight may be indicated in pounds. However, you can also check the user manual that comes with the battery pack. You will get the information about the battery that came with your vehicle in your vehicle’s user manual book.

Looking At The Size Of Battery

Sometimes, you can get an idea of the weight of the battery by seeing the size of it. We have given the battery size on the chart above.

This might become handy sometimes. Moreover, you can check the BCI group against the normal size of the battery. This will eventually help you find the weight of the battery itself.

You can also apply your common sense. You can get the approximate weight of the battery by seeing the actual size of it. Further, the weight of the battery is proportional to the size of it.

Moreover, an old battery will weigh less than a new one. New batteries are fully loaded with electrolyte and other components. Old batteries also have the same but are decayed.

Like all moving objects, batteries also undergo natural wear and tear over time. The electrolyte starts to become less with time. This contributes to weight loss of the battery compared to new ones.

So how much do you need for a new car battery?

The price of a new battery is dependent on many factors like the quality and the size. A standard lead acid battery costs around $40 to $150.

Moreover, it also depends on the group of your car battery too. Lithium ion batteries cost even more. You need around $500 to a staggering $2000 for them.


Now you know how important it is to know the weight of the car battery. Now you know how much a car battery weighs. There are several factors considering the size, age, capacity and vehicle.

Larger vehicles need larger batteries for more power. Smaller vehicles need smaller batteries due to less power consumption of the vehicle itself. However, there are several more factors to consider before buying a new car battery. Weight is one of them to start with!

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