How to Construct a Whatsapp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp sees the potential of its messaging platform network for businesses marketing, thanks to its large user base. 

That’s why WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business in 2018 with capabilities like template messaging and WhatsApp Broadcast to assist small businesses enhance communication and sales. 

So, how can WhatsApp be used to promote your business? What are some of the most effective WhatsApp marketing strategies?

How to Begin 

So, if you haven’t already begun using WhatsApp marketing Malaysia to market your business, let’s go over some short actions and pointers to get you going! 

1. Sign up for a WhatsApp Business account. 

The WhatsApp Business app is available for free download and usage on both iOS and Android platforms. Small business owners can use WhatsApp Business on their personal devices if they need it, as it is a different app from the ordinary WhatsApp app. 

Simply enter your phone number to create a WhatsApp Business account, complete your business profile with information about your company and industry, and begin connecting with customers.

2. Update your company’s catalog 

The second step is to use WhatsApp Business’s unique feature, a business catalog. 

With photographs, descriptions, price, and website connections, you may describe your company’s product and service offerings. 

This in-app business catalog allows users to quickly refer to your products and services within WhatsApp, and it’s a useful tool for letting clients quickly refer to your company offers. 

Although clients cannot make purchases through the business catalog, the catalog’s potential should not be overlooked. It functions as a mini-webstore where you can share your products and services with clients on WhatsApp in a more natural way.

3. Determine your marketing objectives. 

Without precise goals and criteria to measure these goals, it’s difficult to determine the effectiveness of using WhatsApp as a marketing tool. 

Take some time to figure out what your marketing goals are before you start using WhatsApp to promote your business. 

Is WhatsApp marketing something you’re doing to boost client satisfaction? What method will you use to assess it? Or do you want to use WhatsApp to boost your company’s sales? 

Perhaps your company is having trouble keeping customers, or perhaps you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur and want to get the word out about what you’re doing.

4. Get people to add you on social media. 

Make your WhatsApp Business number public and invite prospects and leads to connect with you. 

WhatsApp Broadcast is only available to individuals who have saved your company’s phone number as a contact. People rarely save business numbers in their contact lists, so you’ll have to conquer this hurdle before you can start distributing marketing messages about your company. 

To begin, you can leverage existing marketing initiatives such as social media, emails, commercials, or website content to persuade consumers to text your company number first.

Other ways to include your WhatsApp number, such as email signatures or LinkedIn profiles, should not be overlooked. 

You can easily utilize this strategy to cast a larger net to reach more prospects and clients as long as you give a strong reason why they should save your number and text you first on WhatsApp, but you’ll have to manually store these new contacts on your WhatsApp Business account.

5. Make use of web gadgets 

Alternatively, you can include buttons on your company’s website that direct customers to text your WhatsApp Business number right away.

WhatsApp Marketing strategies

Here are our 7 ways on how to market your business on WhatsApp!

1. Create a persona for your brand. 

Consider what human-like features you’d like your business to have if you’re a new business owner and haven’t yet built a brand persona. 

What would be your consumers’ first impression of you? What distinguishes the company’s personality qualities, values, and attitude? 

In addition, your WhatsApp company profile and catalog should reflect a brand identity that is consistent with your brand character. This means that the typefaces, colors, and logos used in these WhatsApp images should all be consistent with the brand’s image.

For example, you might want to retain the brand persona of your bespoke service polished, professional, and authentic. Perhaps you’re a startup tech company looking for a bright business character that’s full of energy and excitement. 

Remember to maintain consistency in your brand persona throughout all marketing platforms, including WhatsApp Business, so that clients see a consistent image from your website to your social media pages.

2. Deliver excellent client service 

Customer service is important for branding. Because the WhatsApp Business app supports up to two devices per account, make sure both your marketing and customer care representatives are using it. 

Remember how 78 percent of leads buy from the first company to respond? Customer service that is available in real time and is responsive makes clients feel valued. 

Answering queries and offering assistance demonstrates that your company is thorough and customer-focused. To make customers feel welcome when interacting with your firm, finish it off with a friendly yet professional messaging tone.

3. Make use of the broadcast message feature. 

You’re missing out if you haven’t heard of WhatsApp’s broadcast feature. WhatsApp Broadcast allows you to broadcast the same message to numerous individuals at the same time, making it look as if each receiver received it personally. 

When using the WhatsApp Business app to send out messages, keep in mind that you can only send out template messages that have been pre-approved by WhatsApp. This is for WhatsApp to enforce their policy that promotional messages cannot be aired.

4. Establish WhatsApp groups. 

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a WhatsApp Group. However, use this functionality in a novel way by treating it like a private Twitter network. 

Create communities on WhatsApp by grouping clients with similar interests and sharing views, trends, and product launches related to that interest on a regular basis. 

For example, you might find that a small number of customers on your fashion website consistently purchase floral goods. Create a group with these customers to solicit feedback, acquire customer insights, share the latest floral fashion trends, and alert them to the floral pieces in a new seasonal lineup.

The goal is to engage a specific set of customers in a way that feels both personal and communal. 

To build such groups with new members, use WhatsApp Group invitation URLs in emails or broadcasted messages on a regular basis!

5. Make use of various characteristics 

The WhatsApp Business app already offers a number of features aimed at making texting more enjoyable. Consider incorporating these WhatsApp Business features into your present marketing efforts: 

Status on WhatsApp 

Do you already have a Facebook or Twitter account? You’ll be thrilled to learn that WhatsApp, like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, has joined the story feature.’ 

If you’re currently making story videos on a regular basis, use the same films on WhatsApp Status to boost your WhatsApp marketing.

Preview in the app 

When a website URL is provided via WhatsApp, a preview of the page is generated, giving users a sneak peek at the content. You may insert your business website URL and have the in-app preview prompt people to check out your website while you’re answering questions or sharing about new products. 

WhatsApp also allows you to watch YouTube videos in the app. If you have lessons or new product introduction videos on YouTube, share these with customers in a WhatsApp chat so they may watch them right away.

Messages by phone 

Are you dealing with a difficult query from a customer? Are you dealing with an elderly customer that is having trouble with technology and requires your assistance? 

By strategically employing WhatsApp’s voice messaging feature, you may provide an extra dose of human connection. It offers the benefit of replayability and the ability to communicate professional, warm, and sincere tones to your customers.

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