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How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Products to Sell On Amazon FBA

It’s vital that you pick the best item to sell. Obviously, there are a great deal of factors that you should consider when you’re choosing your product. This article should fill in as a guide that you can utilize when beginning your Amazon FBA business.

How to Choose a Product to Sell on Amazon FBA

Before you can choose products or items to sell, you need to choose an overall way that you need to follow. There are two: 

  • Pick an Specific Product
  • Choose an extremely broad niche 

Both of these options enjoy their benefits and disadvantages. By picking a single item that has the potential of selling truly well, you can zero in your efforts on selling that item. The issue is that if the item doesn’t satisfy your hopes, your efforts would go to waste. 

Picking a broad niche, on the other hand, will permit you to earn more money since you can sell more products. It is likewise the most ideal way in the event that you need to scale your business. The issue is that dealing with numerous products will take a ton of work and can be complicated. 

For beginners, it is enthusiastically suggested that you pick a specific item that you think has the potential of selling great. That will permit you to learn the acts of selling on Amazon FBA. 

It will be less expensive for you to submit mistakes when you are simply managing a single item. Once you have learned how you have gained more experience as a seller then you can begin expanding your business by adding more products.

What Makes a Good Product to Sell on Amazon FBA?

It’s not rocket science however it takes difficult work and a great deal of research to realize which product has the potential of doing really well. On the off chance that you invest energy in researching and you realize the qualities to search for, you have a decent possibility of identifying a thing that can generate profits.

Average Sale Price

You do know how much profit you will make by selling a product. To realize that you should know about its average selling price. 

Products with average selling prices that range from $10 to $50 have better chances of high volume sales, for the most part in view of motivation buying. That is on the grounds that individuals don’t actually pause and consider buying stuff that is within that price range. 

Consumers won’t invest a lot of energy researching your product. When they feel that it is good enough, they will buy it.


In a perfect world, the product that you ought to pick should be pretty much as light as could really be expected. The main reason why weight is an important factor in picking a product is a direct result of the cost of shipping. 

This is by and large straightforward. As the size and weight of your product goes up, the more you should pay for the shipping. On the off chance that you spend a lot on the cost of shipping relative to the selling price of your product, the less your profit will be. 

When sorting out the shipping weight, you likewise need to include the weight of the box and the packaging that Amazon will utilize. The shipping cost will be exceptionally crucial particularly if your products are being sourced from China.

BSR Rating

It is difficult to determine how certain products sell on Amazon. Except if sellers will really tell you the amount they are selling, the best method to determine that would be the BSR rating. 

BSR represents Best Seller Ranking on Amazon. You need to get a product that has a BSR of 5,000 or lower. A product with a BSR or 9,000 sells less often than one with 1,000. 

Presently, you don’t simply see one product’s BSR and base your decision from that. You need to take a gander at the best three to top five products in a category and look at their BSR. In the event that only one product there has a decent BSR rating, it probably won’t be a decent product category to get into.

Products That Are Not Damaged Easily

There is a decent possibility that you will source your product from China. That implies it must be durable and won’t be broken easily. 

You need something that can handle being handled while it is being shipped. There are countless products like that. A straightforward wallet, a mat, or a cutting board. Anything that doesn’t contain moving parts ought to be OK. 

By getting products that are not damaged easily, you will make some simpler memories managing your inventory. That is on the grounds that you won’t manage damaged items.

Check the Customer Reviews

When searching for the right product to sell, you need a product where the competition would have 50 or fewer reviews. Presently, this is certifiably not a definite rule, however there is a valid justification for this. 

Products with 200 or more reviews would mean intense competition. Buyers will pick a product that has been reviewed over yours that has none. Online buyers are checking the reviews to ensure that they are buying the right product. 

Regardless of whether consumers are right to base their decision on the online reviews isn’t the fact of the matter, what’s important for you to note is that they do and you need to factor that. 

Preferably, the vast majority of the products inside the category that you are targeting will have not many reviews.

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