How to Get More Results Out of Your Electric Rig

Electric dab rigs are the present and future of dabbing. They feature a battery and an E-nail in place of a butane torch and the traditional nail found in the basic electric rig. These features enable electric dab rigs to heat your concentrates more precisely than the basic dab rigs. Furthermore, some electric dab rigs come with a variable voltage battery that allows the user to customize his or her hits. You can have either more flavor or more clouds, depending on the voltage setting you will choose.

Below are some of the things you should do to get more results out of your electric dab rig.

  • Choosing the ideal Electric rig brand.

Electric dab rigs come in different brands. Each brand has its unique specifications and features that make it ideal for a particular user. Always do your research before buying any electric rigs. Ensure you get your device from a reputable brand. Check out the electric dab rig’s ratings and reviews before buying it. You can also check out the Electric rig’s testimonials from previous users because it will help you determine how much the electric rig has to offer.

Also, it would be best if you always bought an dab rig with a warranty. Warranties ensure you get more results out of your electric rig. If the electric rig malfunctions soon after purchasing, you can replace it without paying any cent. Moreover, do not forget to look at the terms of the warranty. 

  • Clean the Electric dab’s E-nail regularly.

Sometimes residue can build up on the nail of your electric dab rig when you use it for an extended period. This residue build-up can affect the device’s performance.

Cleaning the nail of your electric dab rig is simple. You turn on the battery and choose the highest temperature setting/ power option of the device. The E-nail will heat and evaporate the residual carbon or reclaim that build-up on the E-nail. If this method does not work out, you can do the cleaning manually by rubbing the E-nail with cotton swabs dipped in Isopropyl alcohol.


  • Replacing the E-nail when possible.

If your electric dab rig starts dipping in performance, replacing the coil could be the solution. For example, if the device begins creating harsh hits consistently, even at low-temperature settings, replacing the device’s E-nail could be the best solution. Instead of disposing of the whole device, replacing it is cheaper and ensures you get more results out of your dab rig.

  • Take good care of the Electric rig’s battery.

An electric dab rig can not function without a battery. Therefore, you should always take care of the battery. For example, you should not leave the battery charging overnight or overcharge it. If the battery is not specified as compatible with pass-through charging, you should not use the device while charging it.

  • Use your Electric rig appropriately.

Usually, electric dab rigs come with a user’s manual, which dictates how to use the dab rig appropriately. You should always follow the guidelines on the user’s manual every time you use the electric dab rig.

Electric Rigs that out of which you will get the most.

Below are some of the electric rigs that are known to offer the best:


The SWITCH electric dab rig from Dr. Dabber features a sleek and elegant design. It’sIt’s E-nail has a fast heat-up time, ensuring you get your first hits in no time. Besides, the E-rig utilizes patent-pending induction heating to give you pure and smooth hits each time you use it.

The SWITCH is equipped with durable borosilicate glass that makes it look beautiful. Also, it has a silicone storage container and a ceramic heating cup. All these materials are medical-grade and food-grade, which makes the E-rigs very safe to use.

Pulsar Rok.

Pulsar Rok electric rig can be used as the best portable vaporizer which vaporizes both dabbings concentrates, and dry herb concentrates. It combines functionality and performance to give you magical hits. 

The Electric rig’s body is made out of metal and has a matte black finish that makes it durable and beautiful.

Puffco Peak.

Puffco Peak electric dab rig offers thick, potent, and satisfying hits. It is also made with materials that are safe, elegant, and durable. 


Getting more results from your dab rig depends on how you use and take care of the devices. Clean the device very often and take good care of its parts and other accessories, including the dabbing tool/ dabber, carrying case, and charger.

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