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Authentic Cologne are often wraps flawlessly in a thick quality wrapping that keeps the perfume completely sealed. Moreover, there is always a barcode authentic style associated with the authentic Cologne.

Authentic Cologne are often wraps flawlessly in a thick quality wrapping that keeps the perfume completely sealed. Moreover, there is always a barcode authentic style associated with the authentic Cologne. Consumers can match and scan the barcode for authenticity.

In Pakistan, there are certain trustable and reliable online perfume websites that sell reasonable and original perfumes. For instance, we have that is a hassle-free, reliable original perfumes in Pakistan. It sells major international as well as national perfume brands at reasonable rates for the consumers. Instead of buying perfumes from websites that are unknown or opting for perfumes markets that consumers are not aware of, it is advised to invest in reliable websites that have good customer reviews and ranking as well.

Talking about perfume brands, consumers need to keep a sharp eye on what is authentic and what is fake. The market is flooded with fake perfume brands, whether we opt to buy online or in a traditional manner. However, there are certain precautionary steps we need to take when it comes to buying perfumes.

Consumers are often tricked into buying fake perfumes even if they enter those large fancy shops. These fake perfumes not only upset you with their quality and high prices, but they affect your health as well in certain ways. There are certain signs that might help consumers in spotting the difference between authentic and fake perfumes. Some of these signs and tips are enlisted below for consumers to note and acknowledge:

Check the Packaging:

Coming across any product in the market we know there are always two versions of it, an original and a fake one. From a single ball point brand to a luxurious perfume one, the market constitutes two sides. We as consumers deal with these two versions every day and the fact that it happens all around the globe makes it an alerting fact.

Apart from barcode scans, if the perfumes are wrapped in a thin plastic or in an unattractive way that doesn’t make it properly sealed for instance the wrapping is uneven or excess glue attached to the wrapping, then the perfumes are not authentic. This is because genuine perfumes have an even packaging with flawless seams.

Paperboards are yet another important feature to note when it comes to identifying the fake ones. High quality paperboards that are designed to protect the bottle serves the sign of authentic cologne. They are constructed specially according to the perfume bottle to fit the size and protection level. On the contrary, fake perfumes have low quality paperboards that are of no specific shape.

When opting to buy a branded perfumes, customers need to check the manufacturer’s website and search whether the information published their matches with what’s written on the packaging.

Color of Perfume:

Spotting the difference in the color of perfume is a real challenging task. However, when one really knows the color of the perfume he/she constantly uses, it is no longer a challenge. But duplicate perfumes do not usually have the same exact color as the original one. Somewhere there is a lighter difference in shade of the two when compared which makes it easier for the consumers to spot a fake one. The difference in concentration and originality of ingredients makes it prominent with the difference in the color of brands. Therefore, at times it is advised to consumers to check the color of perfumes. Lastly, a striking chemical odor is a major sign of fake perfumes.

A Difference in Bottle Cap:

Even though it is not a significant spot-on factor to differentiate between a real and fake perfume, sometimes a difference in bottle cap color, size, shape and even material helps classify a fake one. Hence, a consumer should keep an eye on the bottle cap as well.

Bottle and Its Shape:

An original bottle of perfume would show a major change as compared to a fake one. Sometimes the dupe is crafted so perfectly, it often tricks the customer into thinking that it’s an original. However, the matter of fact that there are not all perfect details a dupe covers what the original holds. Therefore, there are times when there is a major difference in bottle shape, the size and design that makes it differ from the dupe one.


There are a hundred of ways a consumer can know how to spot a fake perfume. Yet there are times when the dupe is originated so perfectly that the consumer can’t simply spot a difference. It is advised to the consumers to opt for reliable online shopping website that sell authentic cologne of high quality brands. Because spotting a dupe is getting much harder and challenging for consumers. In today’s growing market that has its own ways of tricking consumers.


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