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How to Make Money in the Carpet Cleaning Business?

If you want to make money working for yourself and being your own boss, carpet cleaning is an easy business to get into. When you start a business, you need two important components: a product to sell and a person willing to buy it. Carpet cleaning is not rocket science, but it does require knowledge of general carpet cleaning, stain removal, and the limitations of the equipment you can use.

There are three basic types of carpet cleaning: dry foam cleaning, liquid extraction cleaning, and hybrid liquid extraction cleaning, in which the floors are thoroughly wipe down with a bonnet. Most carpet cleaners use the liquid extraction method because it is the most cost-effective. When you start your business, you need to make a business plan. To build a carpet cleaning business, you need money to get start because your business is base on equipment.

When you first buy carpet cleaning equipment, you will amazed at how many different types of extraction equipment there are. To find carpet cleaning equipment, recommended that you make a purchase from a local cleaners and cleaning equipment retailer or search online for vacuum cleaner and carpet extractor websites. There are many types of carpet cleaning equipment, some of which include carpet spotters, portable carpet extractors, and truck-mounted carpet extractors.

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Carpet spotters are great for cleaning small areas and non-flat surfaces such as cars, boats and furniture. Carpet spotters are also great for removing small stains and spills, and they are lightweight and easy to transport. A great way to expand your company’s carpet cleaning services is to offer a mobile car wash. Mobile car washes are rapidly gaining momentum, and people are paying big bucks for this additional service.

Portable carpet vacuums are something you will probably consider if you are just starting out in the cleaning market. There are two types of portable carpet extractors: tank and handle and hand-held portable units. Tank units are best if you need to clean a large number of carpets frequently. And tank units can attached to a carpet cleaner for a variety of jobs, and they are the most versatile. Tank vacuums also have heaters that strongly heat the extraction solution, which in turn results in a cleaner carpet. Portable tank vacuums typically cost anywhere from $1200 to $7000 new and are available with many options.

The third type of carpet removal unit is a truck-mounted unit. Using an attachment for commercial cleaning is the best option. Truck-mounted carpet extractors are usually installed in a truck, van, or trailer and contain very large suction motors that are powered by the vehicle’s own engine. Mounted carpet extractors are equipped with superheaters that heat the carpet cleaning solution to high temperatures. Truck-mounted units are usually self-contained, so the solution and dirty water tanks are inside the vehicle. Depending on the options you choose, trucks can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000. If you want to start your own commercial cleaning business, a good choice would be a used truck-mounted truck.

The basic equipment you will need to start a carpet cleaning business is a vehicle to take to the carpet cleaning location, carpet cleaning equipment, and carpet cleaning chemicals and cleaners. Once you have purchased all the cleaning equipment, it’s time to get insure. It is not advisable to clean other people’s carpets without insurance, and most contractors will require proof that you are insured and responsible for your protection. Carpet cleaning requires knowledge of carpet cleaning. There are many books and websites devoted to commercial carpet cleaning where you can gain knowledge about the carpet cleaning industry.

After you’ve learned and practiced with your own equipment, it’s time to get customers. A good way to learn and gain experience is to offer free or discounted carpet cleaning to friends and family. This is a good way to gain experience and knowledge about the industry. Sometimes learning from mistakes is the best way to hone your carpet cleaning skills. The most cost-effective way to attract customers is through networking.

Tell other people about your carpet cleaning job and ask them to recommend it to others. Advertising in small local newspapers is also a good option, as ads are usually inexpensive and target specific communities. When you get start, make sure you can find great deals. Even if your job involves paying for carpet cleaning yourself. You want to spread the word as far and wide as possible. And if you do a good job, word will spread quickly.

It is important to look and act professionally when cleaning your clients’ carpets. Remember that you are in someone else’s home and that you are being paid to clean carpets. Before you start cleaning your clients’ carpets. Ask them to show you the problem areas and tell you if the stains can removed. Many people think that professional carpet cleaners can remove any stain from a carpet. But this is not true because some stains can ingrained and permanent. It’s okay to tell the customer if you can’t remove the stain.

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