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How to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook? – Universal Solution

User Query: “Hi, I’m Alan from Chicago, United States. I want to learn how to migrate Lotus Notes emails to Outlook in a safe manner if possible. My team want to switch from Lotus notes & the best alternative for my requirements is Outlook. I don’t really have much knowledge of the technicalities. Can you explain to me the manual solution if available or the best possible solution?”

We receive tons of user queries like this & that’s we this article is here to explain all the ways by which we can migrate the Lotus Notes to your desired email client. Raed this complete article to prevent missing out on any important step that may spoil your migration experience.

Quick Guide to Migrate Mail from Lotus Notes to Outlook Application

We’re going to look at the detailed solution later. Now, let’s quickly understand the best solution with this quick guide. First, you need to simply download the Most Trusted NSF to PST Converter tool. This utility is in use by millions of users worldwide for getting the desired results.

Step-1. Launch Tool >> Add Lotus Notes File.
Step-2. Select Categories, you want to migrate.
Step-3. Browse Location to save resultant files.
Step-4. Click on the Export button to begin task.

That’s it. All of your NSF files will be saved in the destination location in Outlook-supported data files that is PST.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook Manually?

The manual method is not recommended to users due to various loopholes present in it. However, in the worst case, you may trust this if you can’t get an automated solution.

Step-1. Click Open button in the IBM Lotus Notes UI application.

Step-2. Load Lotus Notes Files in the application to proceed further.

Step-3. Click File button and simply Hit the Export button.

Step-4. Select Export File Type in this section as comma separated value.

Step-5. Give your Files Name and Hit the Export button.

After that just upload the file into the Outlook application to end the operation.

Difficulties to Migrate Mail from Lotus Notes to Outlook

There are various disadvantages of using the manual method. These are the exact same reason why we are getting so many user queries. users should be totally aware of such drawbacks if they want to opt for this solution.

  • The risk of data loss & file corruption is also there in the manual method. It can also corrupt your NSF files carrying sensitive information.
  • It’s quite common to get bored & irritated with unpleasant UI. That’s why it’s difficult for new users to learn how to migrate Lotus Notes emails to Outlook.
  • Users always complain that the manual solution hangs a lot. It has many glitches and bugs. This results in frequent lags that make the experience poor.
  • The folder hierarchy can’t be maintained with this solution in the destination folder. Files will be flooded without any structured data.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook Using Automated Method?

To simply avoid all the challenges & risks present in the manual method, the best alternative is the automated method. We discussed the solution above in short. Now, in this section, we’re going to learn the method in 5 basic steps along with the respective images.

Important Note: Lotus Notes version 9.0.1 is necessary to execute this method safely without file corruption. 

Download the tool & then simply copy the steps mentioned below:

Step-1. Install & Launch the Tool on your system & you’ll get to see this screen.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook step-1

Step-2. Add desired files in the tool by clicking on the Add File button.


Step-3. Select the Categories of the files you want to migrate. 


Step-4. Set Date Filter for selective migration & Set Destination Folder.


Step-5. Finally, Click on the Export button to start.


Now you can simply upload this data to the Outlook application.

Out of the Box Features of Modern Method

We have an endless list of all the features present in this utility. These features help in making the operation simplified for users with a better experience.

  • Secure all the data files & protect them from getting corrupt with high-level data security.
  • Support for Date Filter to migrate data from a specific date range helps users avoid unnecessary data files.
  • Category filter helps in selective migration by filtering out the irrelevant categories from the rest like email, contacts, calendars, tasks, & journals.
  • Saves time for the user that can be further invested in another productive task to boost the outcomes.
  • Ability to convert encrypted data files along with the option to translate the canonical name into the SMTP format.


There are only a few trusted ways to get the solution to this user query. Out of which the modern approach is the most practical one. There are various ways by which you can easily mess up but only the correct solution can provide you with accurate results in less time.

Opt for the modern approach if you want to learn how to migrate Lotus Notes emails to Outlook safely. The tool protects your data & its meta properties. It is very easy to use the tool because of its UI. because of such features, experts suggest users to go for the automated solutions.

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