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How to Organize an Amazon Wish List

An Amazon WishList that is not maintained properly can quickly become unorganized as you add, buy and exchange gifts. Amazon offers many features that allow you to customize and clean up your Amazon Wish List. You can delete items or send them to another list. You can also update important information about items and modify the order they appear.

Remove Items

You can remove items from your list by clicking the “Delete Item” button on the right side. You can delete an item from a single list by clicking “Delete Item.” You can click “Delete” if you have more than one list. Click “Move” to move an item from one wish list or registry list to another.

Modify Details

You can modify all details of an item in the same dialog box. Click “Add comments, quantity & priority.” In the Comment box, add a note about the item. You can also choose the item’s importance in relation to other items from the Priority drop-down list. You can enter additional items or quantities if you require more than one item. Once you are done, click “Save”.

Change Order

You can change the priority of an item to indicate how urgent you need it. However, this doesn’t affect its place on the list. To arrange items so that the most important ones are closer to the top, hover your cursor on an item until you see a hand icon. Click and drag the item to a different position.

How to Add to an Existing Amazon Order

Amazon is the best online marketplace to buy everything, from clothes and books to groceries. You can amend an order to include an additional product. 

Amazon does not offer an add-to-order option. However, you can still place your order and Amazon will take it from there. Even though orders are placed separately, Amazon distribution centers will usually combine them automatically.

Amazon Add to Order

Amazon’s warehouse consolidates your order with other products, unlike other services. You can order anything for Tuesday delivery if you have another package due Tuesday. Both packages will arrive Tuesday regardless of whether they were ordered separately or in the same shopping basket.

  • Amazon Day Delivery: Select this option at checkout to set a specific day each week when all your Amazon parcels will arrive.
  • Amazon consolidates all orders that are due to arrive on the same day, so you get the smallest possible package
  • Amazon delivers items quickly: This option allows you to receive multiple packages in one day.
  • No-rush shipping: This option is worth looking into if you don’t need your item in a hurry. If you choose to have your packages arrive later, you get a reward. You can redeem the reward for digital products such as music and books on Amazon.

Adding Items to Shopping Cart

You can add items to your shopping cart until you are ready to checkout. Items can be left in your shopping cart until you are ready to check out. Be aware that different items may have different delivery dates depending on when they were purchased.

You might want to remember the Save Item for Later feature. It’s possible to have something in your cart that you want to purchase, but it may not be as urgent as the item you just added. To save the no-rush item to your cart, click Save for Later.

Increasing Quantity in Shopping Cart

What happens if you order more than one item? You can change the quantity in your shopping cart to get the number you want.

If you have an opinion about an item in your shopping basket, you can delete it from your cart. You will find the Delete link next to your shopping cart quantity. You can toggle to 0 in the quantity list. This will erase the item.

Add to Amazon Fresh Order

Amazon Fresh is a popular way for customers to buy groceries. You may be able to request Amazon to add your order to your home if you live in an area that offers this service. You can add products to certain markets as long as your order has not been processed. Select the items that you wish to add, then click Add to Fresh Order.

You may wish to cancel your order in certain cases. This option is only for items that have not yet shipped. Scroll down to the order that you wish to cancel by going to Amazon Fresh. Select Cancel Checked Items and check the box next to any items you wish to cancel. Select all boxes and click the Cancel button to cancel your entire order.

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