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How to Pack Wine in a Wine Boxes While Traveling

If you know how to pack wine in wine boxes, then you can save many things, including money, headaches, heartaches. From vineyards to bar tours, there are many kinds of wines you can discover. These wines can be so good that you will be forced to pack a bottle or two. Wine bottles are fragile, and you can’t just throw them in your suitcase and hope that they reach home safely.

They need to be packed with care, unlike new clothes or books that you can simply throw into a suitcase. These tips given below will help you ease your anxiety level while you wait for your suitcase at the luggage belt. These tips will help you in packing wine boxes with confidence. After all, you want to have the wine grace your glass at home and not the bottom of your suitcase. You can get yourself Cardboard wine packaging for more protection.

Without wasting time, let’s get going with the tips which will help you in packing wine bottles efficiently:

  1. Place Your Shoes on The Edge of The Suitcase: 

When you start to pack the bottles, make sure that everything is held together tightly. Place your shoes along the edges of your suitcase, and the reason behind it is that your shoes are rigid. Your suitcase’s zip area is a weak point, so make sure that the zip area is appropriately covered. By doing this, you will make sure that the bottles reach home safely.

  1. Create Layers with Your Clothes:

Before beginning this step, you should separate your thick clothes from your thinner clothes. Pack some of your thicker clothes like your towel and sweaters at the bottom of the suitcase. In the next step, place the wine boxes on top of the bottom layer and surround the bottles with your thinner clothes like t-shirts, and finally cover the top of the bottles with remaining thick clothes like your jeans.

  1. Wrap Wine Bottle in A Plastic Bottle:

We know that we are talking about saving the wine bottle from getting damaged, but we should be ready for any outcome. Because you want to make sure that you have a failsafe in case something goes wrong. For this step, you should place each of the wine bottles in different plastic bags and bind the top of the plastic bag tightly. That way, even if the bottle breaks, the plastic bag can hold the spilled liquid. You might lose your wine, but it is better to lose wine than to lose both the wine and your clothes along with the suitcase.

  1. Wrap the Wine Bottle in A Cloth:

If you have a remaining clothing piece after wrapping it around all the sides of your suitcase. You can wrap the bottle in that piece of cloth, and this will give you an extra layer of protection.

  1. Do Not Pack Them Together: 

Always keep this tip in mind when you pack a bottle of wine boxes in your suitcase. Never pack two bottles together to save yourself some space. When two glass bottles clank, they can be easily broken. After wrapping them in cloth, place them at a safe distance or use socks, t-shirts if you run out of space.

  1. Use Bubble Wrap for Wine Bottles:

The bubble wrap is a cheap yet effective way to protect your wine bottles from breaking. Bubble wrap is used everywhere in the world to protect fragile objects during shipping or traveling purposes. Buy a roll of bubble wrap ahead of your time. This would give wine bottles another extra layer of protection if you didn’t have enough already.

  1. Use A Wine Traveling Bag:

There are many wine bags that you can find in the market which are specially designed to protect wine bottles. If you travel a lot and always carry wine bottles, this is a good investment. These bags are padded from all angles, which will protect the wine bottles from an unusual bump or a jerk.

  1. Ask For Fragile Sticker On Airport For Your Suitcase:

After making everything sure from your perspective, you can ask airport staff for another layer of protection. Ask them to put a sticker on your suitcase which says fragile object. When the bags are getting cleared from the luggage belt, they will be gentle with your suitcase.

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