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How to Spot the Best Quality Undergarments for Women

A woman can only achieve a confident look if she is wearing comfortable clothing from top to bottom. It’s all about how strategically you layer up your outfit. But the basic layer i.e. your undergarments play a vital role. It’s that one piece of garment that no one can see under your clothes but makes all the difference. Hence, it stands true when said that the right choice of undergarment can either make it or break it. If you’re looking for a guide to the types of undergarments for ladies, we are about to spill the beans so you can spot for quality along with affordability. 

1-Comfortability is the key 

Going for only the comfortable undergarments for girls is the key when it comes to looking for the best quality. We often see fashion shoots of models wearing pieces of undergarment that look pleasant to the eyes, but in reality, are far from being pleasant and comfortable. It is so because they are usually made of cheap fabric and colours which only look good in professional shoots. 

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So whenever you intend to buy a bra in Pakistan, you must always keep comfort as your priority. Similarly, for underwear, it is highly important to buy only that one which you feel comfortable in and relaxed. Always remember, that undergarments such as bra and panties must always fit seamlessly and hug the body in the right places. They mustn’t be too tight or too loose. 

2-Type of the fabric

Fashion is not only limited to the outer garments that we wear, but to the undergarments women category as well. There are plenty of options when it comes to the types of fabric for underwear and bra brands in Pakistan

Cotton undergarments

Pack of 3 Panty UG18034

Cotton is the most preferred fabric when we are talking about women’s underwear as it is a comfortable and breathable material. It is the best material for everyday use and the quality of the fabric also remains intact even after several washes.  Hence it is an ideal fabric for the hot weather of Pakistan and is great to maintain personal hygiene as well.

Silk and other synthetic fabrics

Panty UG18055

However, material such as silk is often used to beautify lingerie in Pakistan. The fabric sits quite well on the body. This material makes the collection of panties and bras a little fancier. 

Other than cotton and silk, there are many other fabrics such as jerseys (a blend of nylon and polyester), lace, mulmul cotton, and lace. These fabrics often do not suit the skin, and cause irritability and rashes and are also not that breathable. For instance, picking up the lacey one from the underwear women category is not recommended for the winter season, as it is a thin and flimsy material. You will have to probably layer up more to keep yourself warm.  

Therefore, one must choose the type of fabric wisely. 

3- Buying tips for online shopping

You don’t need to visit a lingerie shop every time you require a bra or a panty. There are a lot of best bra brands in Pakistan such as IFG, Triumph, Losha, Warda, Girl nine, floraisanitimate, Sapphire, Women’s secret etc. All of these brands have got their website with the latest collection of bra’s, panties, nighties, and loungewear. 

For instance, if you are searching for a padded bra online, you will find types such as wired, non-wired, semi-padded, lightly padded, push-ups etc. 

Know your size

A loosely fitted bra is a BIG NO! Hanging wires, broken hooks, the wrong size of cups, etc. are common mistakes. To avoid such miss-haps, you should always first find out your correct size. When you want to buy bra online Pakistan, firstly note down your measurements. After that note down your bust size, your band size, and cup size, and match that with the size chart. 

After knowing what size you’d fit, you need to decide what type of bra do you require. Demi-cups, bralette, halter necks, maternity bra, front open, full coverage, padded, push-ups, non-padded, nursing, sports, t-shirt bra, etc. are bra types to name a few. A lot of bra brands in Pakistan have these types in various colours and materials. 

4- Lady to lady- some useful tips

BRA UG18010

Lastly, we would like to remind you, never to compromise on the quality and brand of undergarments for girls. It is advisable to keep in mind a go-to brand of underwear and bra in Pakistan or store for this purpose so that you can comfortably buy the required item. 

Wearing breathable panties is the most important thing to remember when you go shopping. Whichever undergarment you buy, it should fit just right, must not be too tight or too loose as it is not a good thing. Change and wash your undergarments regularly for hygiene purposes. Try to replace your bra and underwear at least annually. Toss out the weary ones and the ones you think don’t fit you well anymore. Lastly, staining and foul smell are big red flags! If any of your undergarments have got a foul smell or a stain that you can’t get rid of, you should throw them out. 


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