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How to Take Care of Hair after a Hair Transplant?

So the question we are going to discuss today is the most common question that patients ask their surgeons after hair transplantation in Delhi. After a hair transplant, it is very important that the patient takes care of his or her hair properly and follows all the instructions given by the surgeon. If you are also suffering from hair loss then, contact us now for the best hair transplantation in Delhi. Divine Cosmetic Surgery also know as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

There are various types of hair transplant techniques that surgeons use for hair transplantation in Delhi. The most streamlined and innovative techniques are FUT and FUE hair transplant. Divine Cosmetic Surgery which is known as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi proffers both techniques for its patients.

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation while FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. In FUT, a strip of hair follicles is cut from the donor site of the patient and then stitch on the recipient site.

In FUE, hair follicles are extract individually from the donor site and then implanted one by one at the recipient site. Both of these procedures help in eliminating the effect of hair loss and get your healthy hair as before. Both these techniques of hair transplantation in Delhi are available at Divine cosmetics.

Let’s have a general idea about both these techniques of hair transplantation in Delhi.

FUT hair transplant

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation. Under FUT, a strip is taken from the backsides of the scalp and then the hair follicles are implanted in groups. Hair follicles present on the backside of the scalp are consider permanent, that’s why they are chosen as the donor site.

A graft that is holding a cluster of hair is remove by the surgeon. Then, the grafts are cleaned and extracted. The surgeon makes slits between the bald areas of the head and the grafts are then transplant into those areas. The FUT hair transplant gives a more natural appearance to the transplanted area. Dr. Amit Gupta is famous to give the best FUT hair transplant in Delhi. Divine cosmetics is famous as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

FUE hair transplant

In FUE hair transplant, follicular unit grafts are extracted individually from donor areas and transplant again to the recipient area. In this procedure, the micro punches are use to extract single follicular units. This procedure has become more popular due to its trait of leaving no sign behind on the site of extraction. The surgeon chooses the donor area which has genetically more density of strong hair follicles.

Now let’s see what a patient should do after a hair transplant procedure and how he or she should take care of the hair after transplantation.

After hair transplantation

The recovery period for a hair transplantation surgery can be around 7 to 10 days. But this is a general assumption. The recovery period after hair transplantation in Delhi also depends upon the individual cases of the patients.

Let’s see a few very important tips that a person should follow after hair transplantation in Delhi.

  • Try to minimize swelling

It is very important to control swelling after the hair transplantation procedure for a faster and better recovery. The patient is advise to sleep at a 45-degree angle for the initial three days after the transplantation to minimize the swelling. Sleeping at a slightly elevated angle helps to minimize the fluid down into the forehead which controls swelling.

  • Try to minimize irritation

It is advise for the patient to frequently but gently clean the scalp. This helps in reducing itching and scabbing. Also, it helps in reducing the chances of infection. But the patient should be mindful of not getting too harsh while cleaning.

  • Keeping the newly grafted area clean

It is very important to retain moisture in newly grafted areas for better recovery. The surgeon provides proper tools for the patient to keep the newly grafted area clean after hair transplant . The general way to retain moisture is by spraying or misting saline solution on the scalp or by topical application of an ointment.

  • No strenuous activities

Moderate physical activities after the surgery are also encourage by the doctor, but the patient should be mindful of not doing any intense physical activity that involves serious exertion and fatigue. For further consultation and best surgery experience contact Divine Cosmetics which is known as the best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon.

  • Say no to dye

It is very important to not dye your hair for a while after the hair transplantation in Delhi. The dye contains many harmful chemicals that can destroy the hair follicles. That’s why it is advisable to not use dye and other chemical products on your newly transplanted hair.

  • Bye-bye sun

Direct sun exposure to your newly grafted hair follicles can be harmful. That’s why make sure that you cover your scalp properly before stepping out in the sun. From 10 am to 2 pm the sun is too harsh, so it is not advisable to go directly under the sun for at least 2 weeks after hair transplantation in Delhi.

  • Healthy diet

The patient should eat a rich nutrient diet for faster recovery. Include a lot of protein for faster recovery. Also, the patient should be mindful of keeping his or her body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

  • Antibiotics

Dr. Amit Gupta prescribes antibiotics like levoflox once a day for five days after the hair transplantation in Delhi. The doctor also prescribes painkillers to cope up with pain after the surgery. The doctor also prescribes medication to control swelling.

  • For gastric patients

If the patient has gastritis then, the patient should take antacids as instructed by the doctor. The patient should also consume curd to avoid gastritis.

  • No smoking

After the surgery, the patient should not smoke or consume alcohol for at least seven days. Any other over-the-counter medications should also avoid.

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