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How To Tie A Scarf: Top Four Ways You’ll Love

How To Tie A Scarf: Top Four Ways You’ll Love

Scarves are undeniably one of the most versatile accessories to elevate the overall attire for any occasion. From warmth to style, these small pieces of fabric can transform you from funky to chic in a minute. Now all the concrete falls onto how to tie a scarf that suits your personality? The timeless accessory is a wonder and can complement any outfit you try.

How to Look for Scarf Designs Online?

The internet has it all! From simple styles to complex scarves for girls, and we think it’s you who gets to decide which one is truly your style. Texture, pattern, and materials are a legacy to your outfit. Let’s help you make knots and twist your scarf in specific directions that make them fashionable, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are the top ways of how to tie a scarf.

1. Neck Loop Scarf Style

The neck loop scarf style is perfect for winter looks and goes well with woollen scarves for girls. You can carry them at any casual event depending on the print. The one shown in the picture is suitable for a friend’s meetup but not for a formal meeting session. You’d better pick a solid and sophisticated color like grey, brown, tea pink, royal blue, or black in such a case.

How to Tie This Scarf?

  • Take a rectangular scarf in silk, woolen, or chiffon
  • Drape the scarf equally around your neck and make double knots, connecting both ends.
  • Now twist the center area once or twice.
  • Take the farther end loop to your head and make a loop around the neck.
  • Rotate the print if you want a particular side to come at the front. The End!

2. Side Bow Scarf Style

Side bow is an elegant scarf style that sets you apart from the crowd. There are tons of scarves designs online for this style, and all look pleasing even in the images. The final look may look challenging and complex from a distance, but once you start tying it practically, it’s a piece of cake.

How to Tie This Scarf?

  • Don’t go for any other material other than silk because none other can do justice to bow style scarf style.
  • Drape the scarf around your neck with even ends on both sides.
  • Now tie both ends in front at the mid-length of your torso.
  • Make a bow at the same length and keep it loose throughout.
  • Make another bow to adjust the length of your scarf.
  • Now rotate the loop to the right or left side, as per your preference. And it’s done!

3. Double Folds Scarf Style

Double folds ideally fit well on winter attires with long boots, a jacket, and jeans. But you can also tie it on a basic white shirt in the middle of a sunny day. The restriction is only for the material you choose. For winters, go with Cashmere or wool and for summers, try it with silk, lawn sequins, Turkish lawn, or Thai silk.

How to Tie This Scarf?

  • Grab a rectangular scarf for girls and make it half into two, making a loop at one end.
  • Keep the looped side at one end of your chest and drape the remaining on the other side.
  • Grab one and pass it through the existing loop on the chest side out of two loose ends.
  • Now twist the loop and interlock the loose end you just passed through.
  • Take the second loose end and pass it through the loop again to have perfect finished double folds.

4. Side Knot Muffler Scarf Style

This muffler-style triangular shape scarf looks perfect on the basic dressing, as shown in the visuals. It’s easy to wear and perfect for an evening coffee day out. You can also wear the side knot muffler at your workplace, a trip to a hill station, movie night, or anywhere you want to except for formal events like a wedding. (We know you won’t do that!)

How to Tie This Scarf?

  • Take a light material scarf (unless you’re not taking it during winters), and drape it around your neck with one side shorter and the other longer.
  • Make a loop of the longer side around your neck neatly.
  • Take both ends of your scarf and make a knot at either side, near to the shoulder.
  • Adjust the length and voila, you’re done!


You may notice tons of scarf styles online but believe us, none would be better than the one you would invest in yourself due to the experiment. As a part of the fashion field, we have witnessed that uniqueness is not just different but adorable too. You can ace it all with suitable materials, from a chic side bow scarf to a casual neck loop. If you’re looking for some durable and comfortable scarves for girls, reach out to a trusted online store where you can get various scarves and shawls to complement different seasons. Anyway, once done with the shopping, try any of these styles and let us know how it turned out.


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