How To Use Hoarding Boards To Your Business Advantage


Promotional and marketing campaigns are designed to convert prospects into customers and a lot of planning and preparation goes to achieve business objectives. Now that there is more competition hoarding boards in every industry, it becomes all the more important to win customers before your next neighbour competitors do it. 

Whether it is promoting new outlets, products, brand, services, or sales, advertising foamex hoarding boards know it better than any other marketing tool. It is one of the best forms of traditional marketing that is holding strong against digital explosion and continues to deliver business to various brands in high visibility areas. 

The popularity of hoarding printing is a no-brainer. Designs are printed on a foamex board which is a lightweight and sturdy material quite capable to withstand any weather conditions. Whether you opt for 3mm foamex or 5mm foamex boards, they will do the job for you, enticing the audience to visit your store for once and all. 

#1 Tell A Story 

Successful hoarding foamex boards prioritise viewers and take them on a journey. Even if that journey is just a glimpse of your brand and its offerings, it’s worth the shot. All you need is to tell a story with images and some text and you are good to go. Whether it’s people walking down the road, vehicles stopping in the cross junction, you will have less than 4 seconds to make an impact. To make sure that the audience retains what you have to say, convey the essence of your idea rather than depending on the description of the text. 

#2 Make It Bold & Simple 

As one of the greatest Chinese philosophers said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If you are starting new or perhaps want to tweak your existing marketing strategy, a simple hoarding board design can work best in high traffic areas. Daily commuters and drivers only get a few seconds to look around and your hoarding board catches their attention, then half of the battle is won already. Use bold fonts and easy to read text against a contrasting background. Spice it up with artwork and design that is consistent with the brand and let the hoarding board do the rest of the talking. 

#3 Prioritise The Location 

Well-designed and visually engaging hoarding boards are reflective of their location. Your marketing campaign should take advantage of the local community, nicknames, puns, sports teams, and nuances for maximum impact. Adding relatable content to your hoarding boards will do much more than driving consumers to your physical stores. It will help establish a long-term relationship with your audience who in turn will spread the word simplifying the job for you. Crossroads, marketplaces, intersections, subways, and stations are some of the high-visibility areas you can capitalise on. 

#4 Make It Interactive 

Once you have shortlisted the location, you can work with a wide range of designs to make it interactive and blend with the surrounding environment. This is one of the best marketing strategies you can go for provided that it requires creativity more than anything else. Grab the attention of the audience straight away with call-to-action content. If the landscape around you demands to be expressed, you can use graphics on your hoarding boards to convey the same. 

#5 Make It Memorable 

Last but not least! You want your advertising to be memorable in the hustling and bustling suburbs and downtown. Many surveys have highlighted the fact that the majority of consumers visit the stores once they encounter an advertising hoarding board that speaks to them directly and offers them the best value deals. Check out how some of the successful hoarding boards came into existence and what they did differently than others. A little market research here and there will equip you to bring your own brand vision to a wider consumer base. Connect emotionally with your audience with a mix of visual styles and brand philosophy you want to take forward. Rest assured, you will outrun and stand out against your competitors in no time. 

Wrapping Up 

Hoarding boards will continue to woo the consumers no matter where they are located. Hoarding construction boards play a pivotal role in the construction industry as an advertising and safety tool protecting construction workers and helping in maintaining the site guidelines. Retail stores, storefront businesses, and shopping malls rely on hoarding panels to do the job for them. Nothing less than a silent salesman, with ease of customisation and personalisation options, you can elevate your brand to new heights with an effective marketing strategy.

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