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How to Walk on Roof Tiles Safely Without Damaging Them

We don’t recommend walking on your tile roof. In case you have no choice but to walk on your roof, here some helpful tips on how to walk on roof tiles safely without damaging them.

Most roof tiles nowadays are produced from clay and concrete materials that have several good qualities. They have long strength, eco-friendly, along with high effectiveness against storms and fire.

The tiles are created to be powerful, but still, they’re not created to be walked on. Nevertheless, sometimes you may meet some situation that needs you to climb onto the roof. If you happen to meet with such a situation, you’ll have to know how to walk on roof tiles safely without leading to damage to them.

Discover ways to walk through the roof tiles safely below and many tips to look after them.

The Way to Clean Tile Roof

When you discover ways to walk on roof tiles, it is far better to understand the way to clean them first because they have to be cleaned up a couple of times in several years. So you might also utilize the possibility to get the roof tiles cleaned while getting up here.

Here are the methods to do it:

Make sure to focus on safety first: make personal safety and protection tools for example non-slip boots, protective gloves, safety harness, Roof Walkway Mats, Roof ladder stabilizer etc.

Confirm the water tank and gutter system: remove the gutter system from the water tank in case you used it since there may be lots of chemicals included throughout the cleaning process.

Remove moss and plankton: there is an opportunity for moss and algae to produce and cover almost all of the roof tiles location. You can roof scrape and anti-moss spray to clear out them.

Lastly, clean the tiles applying water: you can utilize high-pressure water, however, it is always better to use gentle brushes and water tubes to clean the roof.

How to Walk on Tile Roof

Following the area is all cleared up, it is time to learn how to walk on roof tiles. Have a note to hang about until the washed roof tiles are dry, therefore you don’t need to walk on a damp surface.

Follow these following ways to take action:

1. Carefully choose to strike the overlapped tiles because they would be more powerful and less prone to break.

2. Set your foot, thus it arches based on the tiles’ curve on every one of them.

3. Maintain your weight balanced and equally divided between each of your feet and stark to walk gradually.

4. Try reducing the pressure of your body by maintaining your feet step on divided tiles.

5. Walk on between the tile parts, on the uncovered valley spot. If your layer under the roof tiles is uncovered, you can walk on it to prevent moving the tile.

The way to Protect Roof When Walking on It

Understanding ‘how to protect the roof when walking on it is all about knowing your type of roof and examining its condition initial. You can only discover ways to walk on a roof with no damage to the tiles if you know regarding your roof shingles’ volume of fragility.

Here are several ideas to protect several types of roofing tiles:

Cupped roofing materials: avoid walking on it in winter. Step by tip-going around the cupped part and prevent the raised curled part, otherwise you’d crack the corner, which can lead to a requirement for re-roofing.
Cracked roof shingles: based on the fragility and break causes. For instance, if the breaking cause is thermal splitting, walking on the tiles isn’t prone to cause more damage.
Curled roofing materials: do not walk on them throughout winter. Step on the flat part by tip-toeing. Examine the fragility. When the shingles are brittles, then stepping on them throughout summer should be prevented also.

How to Walk on a Clay Tile Roof

In case you haven’t known already, clay roof tiles are extremely delicate instead of other sorts of roofing materials. They can break quickly, particularly if the roof tiles haven’t been backfilled.

The fundamental guide to walk on a clay tile roof is a lot like a guide on how to walk on roof tiles, however, you have to include extra carefulness. Here are the appropriate steps to avoid and reduce damage to clay roofing materials.

  • Use anti-slippery shoes because clay tiles are famous for being slippy.
  • Steps the spot that the roof tiles are overlapped with one another.
  • Give your foot aligns using the clay tiles’ curve.
  • Place the arch of your foot around the curve’s highest point as well as your toes in the groove in-betweens.
  • Avoid placing your weight on a single point; rather, distribute it by putting each foot on different tiles.

Roof Walkway Mats are sometimes ignored as unnecessary and too expensive. With regards to rooftop safety, we suggest more than minimal protection. Some great benefits of elevated roof walkway mats on roofs protect not only your workers but your roof too.

Walking on a roof tile is a dangerous activity, both for you and the tiles. If you find yourself in conditions with no other option, you can utilize the guides above.

Otherwise, it is still advised to request professional help who understands how to safely walk on roof tiles and has the necessary knowledge and tools.

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