If You Are Lonely You Are Not Alone

If You Are Lonely You Are Not Alone

If You Are Lonely You Are Not Alone

So first of all I want to say that loneliness every humanWitty Rogue Names

being feels at some point in their life and that it is not a sign of weakness it is a feeling and no feeling could ever be a sign of weakness.

A feeling or emotion is simply

what you are feeling so never apologise for it, if you ar

e actually acknowledging them and expression

g your feelings this is a sign of strength,

don’t fear what people may think!

Simply be who you are and say what you are feeling,

the right people will always be there for you.

If you can honestly say you have not felt loneliness

at any stage in your life then you are simply blessed (and I want to hear how ha-ha).

‘I couldn’t understand why I felt so alone’
An incident occurred a month ago where

a person was really rude to me and this left me feeling awful.

That day I reluctantly got out of bed, thinking maybe

if I made myself my favourite breakfast that might cheer me up,

but it didn’t. So I thought ok I will have a shower and get dressed

up that will definitely work, but it didn’t either. After some retail

therapy and trying to call some of my friends for a catch up to which

I got voicemail messages I felt even lonelier.

I couldn’t understand why I felt so alone,

I have so many friends and a huge supportive f

amily but that is exactly how I felt, completely alone.

I knew I needed to do something drastic to change

how I was feeling. So as I was walking along the street

I began thinking what can I do to get out of this slump

and then it hit me. Eureeeeekka. I’m always reading about it,

I’ve researched it, wrote about it and went

to speeches about but had completely forgotten.

‘I was created to be loved’
I had forgotten I was created to be loved! I had forgotten for nearly

a whole day that I am loved. Each and every single

one of us was created to be loved and whether

we know or not I’m telling you know you are!

Please take some comfort in this fact alone.

You do not need to have a million friends in fact

you could have none, no family, not even one single human being

who cares about you but you are still loved.

Whatever you call this power who loves you God,

the universe, Allah, the supreme self, the light,

the higher power or even if you believe in nothing fortunately

for us it is not a choice we were created for

this purpose so believe me YOU ARE!

If it helps think of the love you feel from your

friendships and try and imagine that but ten times stronger

and unceasing even if you did something horrendous

a really horrible thing this would still not stop this flow of love towards you.

That is because in is unconditional.

Doing this alone will help you realise you are whole by yourself;

you do not need any one to add to you,

YOU are whole and loved completely in mind body and soul.

This can sometimes be a struggle for everyone from all

paths to understand as society almost always suggests

otherwise but I dare you just try and sit quietly

for a few minutes feel it, focus on your heart and the

warmth in it and you will know it to be true.


Expelled, Expired, Exit: What Does Everyone’s ‘Ex’ Have In Common?

I was heartbroken our first time,

I had done the worst part by taking the first sting.

We re-kindled after a year, affections reappeared

and we were the best of friends that we could be.

However, friends cannot have warm romantic feelings

. Friends do not kiss and are not deeply and

emotionally intimate the way lovers are

. It was by far one of the most meaningful relationships I’ve ever had.

I have always broken up with someone on t

he basis of how I’ve felt.

When feelings faded, I made

my way out with heartfelt apologies and disapp

eared out the backdoor. This time it was different: I still loved him. I have never had to part from a lover still having feelings.

He had an arranged marriage. H\

e had to put another woman first

although he still loved me. Even so, I could no longer remain as the woman on the si

de. I had come to the realisation that I technically was still single.

I was emotionally unavailable to love

another, but was still lonely. I couldn’t live an hon

est life. I had read Katharine Hepburn’s biog

raphy Me, and something moved me.

After thirty years, I never wanted to

be referred to as “Just a rumour.”

As much as we connected, the

reality was that the relationship

wasn’t going to go anywhere.

We hit the same wall, several times.

“Your job is to avoid the temptation and the trap

of thinking every relationship has to be the

e relationship that lasts forever

r and ever amen” Iyanla Vanzant go

es on to explain once the spiritual purpose

of that relationship, has come to an end you basically

need to let go of your exes and wait upon for the new relationship.

Elizabeth Gilbert gives us a different d

efinition of soulmates stating that we

think are forever. But they are just to wake

us up out of who we are, take us to the core and go

. We mustn’t hold on longer. Or we are just trying

the gain nutrition from something that is now empty. These ideas comfort me.

Se,e going back to an ex- boyfriend only satisfies a craving for whatever it is you are missing. It is like watching a movie second time round,you know exactly how it’s going to end, without the surprise. You cannot beg to make someone choose you, but nonetheless you deserve to be chosen.

I am still friends with another ex, but.

it’s different when you have no feelings, and depending on the depth of emotions I doubt you could ever just be friends if you did. It’s just not an ideal situation. You need to make yourself completely available for your next lover.

He advised me:

“Have an arranged marriage, this way you will know love, imagine your sisters buy a dog, you hate animals, I know, but they left you alone with it and then it came to you, eventually you will learn to love it”.

I replied…

“You are referring to your wife as an animal?”

He said no, I may learn of a different type of love, contrasting to the love he felt for me. He woke me up from all by emotional patterns, poor decisions in love. Also gave me a taste of how love should feel. That was the ending when I knew I wanted more. Best part was being strong enough to go.

After a sentimental send off I realised cutting the cord was the best thing I could have ever done for both bof us.

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