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In What Ways a Professional Auto Transport Service Benefits Car Shipment?

Auto transportation is an important matter as cars are a dearest property of their owners, and they cannot afford any risk to them. Shipment of cars brings a lot of worries for the car owners as during the shipping process cars are more prone to damages. Therefore, you have to do some efforts to find a professional auto transport Service in Jacksonville to ship your cars from one place to the other. This is because by hiring a professional service you remain to worry less that your cars are in safe hands.

Can Auto Transportation Be Done on One’s Own?

This is the most frequently asked question as most people do not feel it safe to ship their cars from one place to another using an auto transportation service. The answer to this question is yes, you can ship your car on your own by hiring a driver to drive your car to your desired destination. But this needs a lot of hard work as you have to make it sure that the person you are hiring is a trained or experienced driver or not. In addition to it, you need to check that whether he carries a driving license with him or not.

Further, shipping a car on your own is not reliable, as you remain at the risk of damage caused to your car on the way to your destination. Sometimes, in case of bigger damage, you have to pay the heavy cost of repairing as well. Therefore, it is better to remain on the safe side by hiring an auto transport company.

What does An Auto Transportation Company do to Ship Your Cars?

Usually, auto transport companies offer two kinds of auto shipping that are

  1. Open Carrier Shipping
  2. Enclosed Carrier Shipping

Open Carrier Shipping:

In an open carrier shipping as the name suggests cars are loaded in the hauler that is open from the sides. This is a relatively economical way of shipping your cars as more cars can be shipped using an open carrier therefore costs get reduced. Further, you remain too relaxed, as a professional is carrying the shipping process. However, drawbacks of open carrier shipping are also there i.e., in open carrier cars are exposed to the outer dirt pollution and other weather effects, for example, rain and heat, etc. Moreover, there is the risk of wrecks on the way, which can cause dents in the car’s body or cracks in the side mirrors or windscreen of the car.

Closed Carrier Shipping:

Closed carrier shipping is the safest option for auto transportation. In a closed carrier, your cars are fully packed inside and are not exposed to any outer dirt pollution or weather effects. Moreover, there are no risks of damage caused by eternal wrecks on the way. This is a bit costly way as only 3 to 4 cars can be shipped at a time. Professionals recommend closed carrier shipping as by spending some more dollars, you get your important property, i.e. cars shipped safely.

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What Hiring a Transportation Company Brings You?

Hiring a professional service favors you in a number of ways:

Peace Of Mind:

When you hand over your cars to an auto transport company you remain in a peaceful mental state because you have experts by your side to perform the duty. You remain sure that your cars will be shipped safely to your desired destination, and you will get them in the condition you send them for shipping.


Hiring an auto transportation service saves your cost as multiple cars can be shipped at a time and you have not to pay for each separately. Further, the risk of damages to your cars minimizes this way and you have no worries to pay for repair costs. Most auto haulers also have cargo coverage in their insurance policy to pay the cost, in case of a bigger mishappening to the cars on the way.

Save Your Time:

Hiring an auto hauling service saves your time. You don’t have to locate the right driver to drive your car to the desired destination. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for days and days to get your cars shipped to a distant place. An auto hauling company gives you a proper time, and you get your shipped exactly according to the given schedule.


If you are in need of car shipment then instead of testing yourself to carry out the task go for a high-quality auto transport service in Jacksonville. In this way you not only give your cars in safe hands for shipping but also save your time and money,

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