In What Ways Pillow Boxes Increase the Worth of Your Hair Extensions?

Your hairdo tells a lot about your personality, no matter how expensive dress you have worn and how beautiful makeup you have carried your look cannot be complete without a decent hairdo. Females give different treatments to their hairs to have their desired hair looks but these frequent hair treatments can damage hair badly. In such a case, using a hair extension is the best substitute. It doesn’t only give you desired hair look but also prevents your real hair from damage.


Many cosmetic dealers are producing hair extensions using fake and real human hair to meet the increasing demand for hair extensions. The thing that differentiates these brands from each other is packaging as the manufacturing is almost the same. Pillow hair extension boxes are a perfect option to differentiate your hair extensions from other brands in the market.


Safety and Protection:


Hair extensions are a sensitive and delicate product that requires special care in keeping and handling. Otherwise chances are higher that the hairs may get entangled giving an untidy look to them. Hence for maintaining the originality and look of hair extensions, their packing must be of high quality. And no other packaging can bring you the quality other than custom pillow boxes. These boxes are manufactured considering the size of hair extensions so that they can get the perfect packing and it becomes easy to handle them.


Innovative Designing:


Designing plays an important part in increasing the worth of a product. It contributes costively in enriching the aesthetics of the product. Hence making it attractive and worth purchasing for the buyer in the market. The same is the case with hair extensions, if you want to earn them a high market value. You must incorporate unique and latest design in the packaging. The use of custom printed boxes is the best option as it gives you space to incorporate a lot of creativity in the packaging you, can customize designs of your choice for giving packing boxes an alluring look.


Play With Colors:


The importance of colors can’t be denied when you are in the market as they complement the product positively and are attractive to the eyes. Hair extensions are majorly used by females to whom colors fascinate the most. So being a hair extension manufacturer playing with colors in your packaging can be a good business booster. You can customize the fusion of bright and demanding colors using pillow hair extension boxes. By doing so your product will eventually hit the mind of the customer when he gets exposed to it and he will tempt to buy.


Budget-Friendly Packaging:

pillow hair extension boxes

The product manufacturers who are operating in the 21st century are facing real challenges as they have to focus on both production and packaging to boost their business. In earlier times the high-quality product was enough to fascinate the customer. But now a customer demands something different from product packaging as well. Therefore marketers have to divide their budget for packaging and production that can be a little stressful at times. In such a case, getting your customized pillow packaging boxes from wholesale is a good option. Because it costs you less and when you get the boxes in bulk you get more discount. In this way, you can provide premium quality packing to your product while investing little. 


Helpful for shipping:


If you are a manufacturer of hair extensions wholesale and you need to ship your product to the retailers at different stores. Customized pillow boxes are the best option as they are made from cardboard material. That’s minimizes the risk of damages to the product during shipment. The cardboard is sturdy and enables the boxes to bear the load without any disturbance in the shape. Further, when you ship the product in bulk the packaging cost doesn’t include shipping as these boxes are manufactured is extremely light in weight due to the incorporated material in their making. Hence you save your shipping costs this way.


Advertise Your Brand Effectively:


Today’s market is overloaded with beauty brands so it is very important to market your hair extensions brand efficiently to let the customer know that you exist. Custom packaging has synthesized advertisement procedure a lot by giving room to customize your packing as you want i.e., you can introduce artistic logos or you can mention your brand’s name stylishly on the packing box to make it look different and unique. In this way, customers will get attracted to your product. And prefer buying from you and your brand will earn fame.


Considering the above-mentioned perks of pillow hair extension boxes you must use them in packing of your hair extension products. In this way, you can have a high sales ratio and can retain more profit for your business.

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