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Install low-maintenance flooring options to make your life easy

It’s not easy to take out time from our busy schedules to clean and maintain our homes, but everyone needs to do it somehow. Out of all the tasks at home, cleaning the flooring is the most challenging. Floors are prone to spills and collection of dust and dirt and need to be regularly cleaned so using tiles for wet rooms is useful. One way to deal with the problem is to get low-maintenance flooring installed.

Read on to know why it’s important to have a low-maintenance flooring in your house and the options you can look at.

Why do you need low-maintenance flooring?

Flooring is where you drop things, including books, utensils, food, you name it. It is also often exposed to different climates and other conditions such as your balcony may get a lot of sunlight, while your bathroom is exposed to moisture at most times.

Here are some of the factors that affect the flooring of any space:

  • Environmental factors
  • Dust
  • Spills
  • Food particles
  • Scuffs

Which flooring options require low maintenance??

Believe it or not, there are indeed flooring options that require less maintenance than others. Here are some of the best low-maintenance flooring options:

Hardwood flooring:
You can bring the plush look of hardwood, which is manufactured through a special process. This flooring is moisture-resistant and very easy to clean and maintain. Just ensure you sweep the floor regularly and mop it clean. You won’t be required to take any extra efforts to maintain hardwood flooring.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring:
Vinyl is a synthetic material that is quite easy to maintain. Just sweeping and mopping the floors will be enough to make them look as good as new. Luxury vinyl tiles can copy the look of real wood, stones and even ceramic material, all at a much lower cost. The best part is that these do not get scratched at all, which makes them look fresh and new at all times. These are also easy to install and last really long.

Tile flooring:
Out of all the options, tile flooring is the simplest to maintain and clean. Since they are resistant to water and moisture, there is no bacterial growth on tiles and they look spic and span. They are also scratch- and stain-resistant, which makes them look as good as new for long periods of time. Moreover, you can give any look to your floors if you are choosing tiles as they come in a variety of colours, designs and patterns. However, when cleaning the tiles, be especially careful about the grouting as dust and dirt can accumulate in the spaces between different tiles and if not properly sealed, they may also let water seep in. Grouts can easily be cleaned using baking soda or vinegar, which are common household items. Tiles are extremely durable options. Some varieties from Orientbell Tiles such as its forever tiles range can last up to three generations and others like Sahara series can take truckloads of weight without getting damaged.

Timber flooring:
This is a natural and beautiful option for flooring that can last really long if maintained properly. It is said that timber flooring can last more than a century and even after that can be repurposed for something else. This eco-friendly option, however, is costly. Such flooring gets scratched and scuffed easily and will need regular refinishing to maintain its look and charm. Stains, however, don’t stay on timber flooring if they are removed quickly. This kind of flooring doesn’t catch allergens or dust particles and can be swept and mopped clean easily.

Once your flooring is sorted, making your home look organised and sparkling clean would be quite easy.

Author Bio:
Isha Tandon works as a Digital Content Strategist for Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India. Isha’s knack for understanding audiences helps her create value-driven content for her readers that not only educates and informs but is engaging and interesting to read as well. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends, and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.

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