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Is an Online Hifz Program Effective?

It is a matter of special blessings that we are Muslims, and Allah SWT is kind to us that we can worship Him. So being Muslims, we must learn Islam and spread it to others. Quran is the last Divine Book that was revealed on our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW, and it is the source of motivation, guidance, and a straight path for us.

It is also a matter of honor for any Muslim man or woman to memorize the Quran because it will benefit you in this world and the world hereafter if you memorize and retain the Quran by heart. There are different ways for memorizing Quran, so you can enroll yourself in a mosque or madrasa to get a Quran education in the traditional manner. But it is a full-time task, and you have to spend most of your time in the mosque or the madrasa and have to stay there day and night for quick learning.

In this era of technology, the internet has provided the facility to every person in this universe to get connected with the whole world. Like a lot of online courses, it is no trouble to learn Quran without leaving the comfort of your home and enrolling yourself in an Online Hifz Program.

Most of us always get confused while entering into a new setup; the same is the matter with the online Hifz program. It is the most asked question; is an Online Hifz Program Effective? And how does the Hifz program online work?

The online Hifz program is the most sought-after program as more and more Muslim kids and adults wish to memorize the Quran. It is mostly preferred in the countries where Muslims are in the minority as it is difficult for them to find the proper Islamic institution where they can send their children to memorize the Quran. So in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, different Islamic websites are giving their online services successfully.

Working on the online Hifz program:

It is necessary to know about the working of the online Hifz program so that you have complete knowledge about how this program works before judging the effectiveness of the Online Hifz program.

New memorization:

You have to memorize new lessons daily. Your online teacher will give you new verses to remember daily, and it will be called new memorization.


It is not possible in Quran learning that once you memorize a portion of the Quran, there is no need to recall it again because it is a matter of revision, again and again, to keep in touch with old lessons which you remembered. In Sabiqa or the recently memorized portion, you have to revise the lessons you learned in last week to check if you have not forgotten it.

Old memorization:

In this portion, you have to revise the lessons that you memorized 30 days ago. So it is also obligatory in the Online Hifz Program to stay in touch with the previously learned material.

Effectiveness of online Hifz program:

The Online Hifz program is much effective and successfully implemented throughout the world. It provides easiness to students to memorize Quran, and the following are the reasons behind its effectiveness.

No time bounding:

The best thing about taking an online course is that you are not bound by time. You can take your online class at any time of a calendar day, so you are free to choose the time that suits you because online classes are available 24/7.

One to one sessions:

Some students are naturally shy, and it is difficult for them to memorize the Quran in the presence of others. The Online Hifz Program conducts one-on-one sessions where you will directly interact with your teacher under better supervision.

Under the supervision of qualified teachers:

The Online Hifz program is working successfully. The main reason behind its success is that different websites are providing online Quran memorizing classes. They have the best and highly qualified teachers who are specially trained for supervising an online Hifz course.

Better environment:

No environment is better than your home environment. So if you are participating in an online Hifz program, you don’t have to go anywhere for the learning process. You can find a separate room in your home to learn effectively.

Accurate memorizing of the book of Allah:

It is easy to record your online Hifz session daily. The organizations that are offering online Quran memorization courses also provide the facility of recording. So you can watch and review your online class again and again for accurate memorizing of the Book of Allah.

Online monitoring of progress:

It is much easy for parents to monitor the performance of their children regularly through the online system. In online classes, teachers maintain the performance records of students and online tests after regular intervals. It also provides the facility to monitor the progress of the student.

Hafiz Ikram Ullah

Hafiz Ikram Ullah is an Islamic scholar and online Quran tutor with a Master's degree in Islamic law.

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