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Is Hair Straightener Good For Daily Use?

Hair straightener is an indispensable hair styling tool in the everyday routine of many girls, irrespective of heat-styling damages. Women like straightening hair as it makes their hair look sleek, smooth, soft, and manageable. However, the side effects of thermal styling will make them regret their decision. But, do you know daily hair straightening can be less damaging by using the best hair straightening iron, heat protection products, and hair treatment products? Here we give the guide and tips to make hair ironing safe for daily use. Before moving to our healthy hair tips, let us tell you the disadvantages of straightening hair.

Disadvantages of straightening hair every day:

Most women get bad hair health when they start using heat-styling tools. But ironing hair can lead to more damages to your tresses than you realize. Some can minimize by proper hair care and hair treatment, but some can become permanent with no hair care. Some of side effects are as below:

Hair fall: Straightening hair every day damages the hair follicle and weakens the hair root. Thus, it will lead to severe hair fall. If one does not treat and control the damages, it will lead to permanent hair loss.
Hair dullness: Girls use to do hair straightening to get shiny, smooth, and sleek hair. However, hair dullness is the ultimate outcome. Flat-iron rods heat the hair strands to make them straight while extracting the natural oil from the hair. It will make hair dull and dry.
Split ends: Using hair straighteners daily changes the natural hair texture by damaging the hair follicle. Thus, even healthy hair gets frizzy due to excessive split ends.
Dry hair: As the heating agent drags all the oil from hair, hair becomes super dry and prone to damage.
Stunted Hair Growth: Thermal styling also ceases natural hair growth because it damages hair cuticles.

advantages and disadvantages of hair straightener

Tips reduce hair damages caused by daily hair straightening:

You can change the disadvantages into advantages of straightening hair by following our tips.

Pick the right hair straightener for your hair concern: Flat iron for straightening comes in three iron plates, i.e., ceramic iron, tourmaline iron, and titanium iron. Each of them has different benefits to make them less damaging for your hair. According to hairstylists, ceramic irons work as the best hair straightener for damaged hair because they do not worsen the hair damages. However, if you have coarse hair, choose Titanium iron as the best hair straightener for thick hair. The reason is its quick and even heat distribution with excessive-ve ions production. Many experts also prefer Tourmaline iron as the best hair straightener for frizzy hair because it makes hair smooth, shiny, and manageable without burning the tresses. Remember! Do not go for ceramic coated iron because they can do many heat damages.
Pick the one with a temperature control setting: Make hair straightening less damaging by setting the flat-iron temperature, as per the hair type. Invest in buying the one with adjustable control feature. According to the experts, always keep the iron temperature between 175 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also find the best hair straightener brush with a temperature control option to make hair straightening safe, easy, and reliable.
Choose the right size of iron as per your hair type: The size of flat iron can affect the level of hair damages. For instance, if you use larger-sized irons, you are less likely to damage hair by going over the same hair strand multiple times. The larger-sized iron can straighten hair with only one and two strokes. However, if you want flat iron for curling and straightening, you must go for a 1-inch sized straightening iron.
Do not straighten the wet hair: Always dry your hair completely before using an iron rod or flat iron. The thermal styling irons boil the moisture out and make hair dry, weak, and dull.
Always apply heat protectant before heat styling: To keep hair moisture intact, use heat protectant products. Based on experts’ advice, heat protectant sprays are suitable for fine and thin hair. However, people having thick and coarse hair should prefer the best hair straightener cream, lotions, and oils.
Do not use the iron multiple irons on the same strand: Heat and straighten each hair section only once. At the right temperature on the best flat iron, each strand will take only 5 seconds for a smooth and straight outcome.
Repair the hair damages: It is impossible to make hair ironing safe without hair repairing treatment. Therefore, you need to add some aftercare steps to restore the heat damages. Use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo to make hair hydrated, moisturized, and luscious again. Follow shampooing by deep conditioning every week because it helps revive the hair texture and hair shine. In addition to hair conditioning tips, do not miss hair oiling every week to provide lost nutrients to the hair scalp and hair follicle. These hair treatment steps will make you enjoy heat styling without worrying about permanent hair damages.
Trim the hair regularly: To remove split ends, get the hair trims after every two months. It will help the hair grow fast and look healthy.

tips to reduse hair damaged using hair straightener

When you follow our given tips, you will notice the boost in hair health regardless of heat styling. Let us introduce the brands of the best hair straightener in Pakistan 2021. It includes Remington, Babyliss, Philips, Brauns, Keune, and Nova. You can also find these brands in the list for the best hair straighteners in Canada and the best hair straighteners in Australia. If you cannot follow the safety tip regularly, limit the straightening to only once or twice a month. By limiting the duration, your hair will get time to repair itself naturally and avoid damages. You can also use low-manipulation protective styles such as messy bun, braids, etc., and keep your hair safe from heat damages.


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