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K-Pop Boy Groups with Beauty Brand Endorsements (PART 2): BTS, GOT7 and more!

These k-pop boy groups prove how everyone, women and men, can and should take care of their skin health and their looks.

In part 1, you have read about 4 blockbusting k-pop boy groups who have played a sensational part in advertising cosmetic brands. If you want to get back to reading about them or if you haven’t read about them yet, check this out: K-Pop Boy Groups with Beauty Brand Endorsements (PART 1): iKON, EXO and more! It would be best to read it first before you go through this 2nd part of the series, so you completely get the informative scoops and enjoy the read! 


As mentioned previously, Korean beauty brands have been giving a boost to their advertising strategies by taking into their spotlight the undeniable renown of K-pop idols. Having the names of these highly admired K-pop stars attached to their brand names is a huge, wise step for businesses, that although it takes a lot of money to have these celebrities, they get mind-blowing return on investment. They raise product recognition, become the talk of the town and garner an enormous amount of profit.

If only K-actresses and K-pop females were popular cosmetics advertisers before, today, things have changed impressively. A lot of male K-pop boys have become effective models of skincare brands! It’s really heartwarming and refreshing to see! 

You have read about 4 K-pop boy groups from part 1, and now, here’s another set of 4 K-pop boy groups with beauty brand endorsements as groups. Let’s start with number 5 because part 1 ends with number 4. Alright! Keep reading, and don’t forget to share with your K-pop buddies!

5 – GOT7 x The Face Shop

k-pop boy groups GOT7

In April 2018, JYP Entertainment’s 7-member team, GOT7, started endorsing one of South Korea’s chief skincare brands, The Face Shop. The beauty company introduced their newest models through a making film publicized for the consumers and most importantly, for Ahgases, the fans of the boy group.

For the youthful and vibrant figures of GOT7 members, The Face Shop selected them to be their brand ambassador. From their faces to their personalities, they surely fit The Face Shop’s bright and lively image. They made the hearts of Ahgases flutter even more as they show their model sides.

In January 2021, GOT7 left their celebrity management company after debuting from and staying in it since 2014. 

6 – MONSTA X x Tony Moly

k-pop boy groups MONSTA X

Monbebes were so excited when the news came that their dearest idol group, MONSTA X, is going to be a brand model for Tony Moly. The 2006-born skincare brand was advertised by many notable K-celebrities, including Kim Hyun Joong and Song Joong Ki. In October 2018, MONSTA X became Tony Moly’s freshest face to represent its up-to-the-minute lip tint line.

One shade belongs to each member, so fans can choose one, a few or all. Aside from lip tints, limited edition hand cream products were released by Tony Moly. Buying a set entitles each Monbebe to photocards, which photocard collectors definitely adore! 

MONSTA X debuted in 2015 as a 7-member group under the celebrity management company, Starship Entertainment. 

7 – BTOB x Tony Moly

k-pop boy groups BTOB

Before MONSTA X, it was their senior K-pop boy group, BTOB (Born to Beat), who modelled for Tony Moly. The award-winning six-member boy group debuted in 2012 under CUBE Entertainment. They are well-known among K-pop stans for their jaw-dropping vocal performances of ballads, R&B and pop. They have also earned great respect from their fellow K-pop idols, especially from their juniors. That’s because of their grand voices that give goosebumps to anyone who hears them sing, especially when you hear them live.

Through their Tony Moly TV commercial, they displayed their naturally bubbly selves which their fandom, Melody, truly loves! The cosmetics brand also held fan events for BTOB’s supporters. 

8 – BTS x VT Cosmetics

k-pop idols BTS

Bighit Entertainment, now called HYBE, takes pride in its big name boy group which debuted in 2013. Ask around, and it would probably be rare to meet someone who has not heard yet of the name BTS, but not everyone knows that it stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The beauty brand they promote is VT Cosmetics.

Since 2017, BTS and VT Cosmetics have been working together to craft fresh beauty styles for people, especially the group’s fans, to love and to benefit from. They introduced a new BTS collection in October of 2018. 

Needless to say, ARMYs all across the globe have splashed out on these to get their very own VT Cosmetics as advertised by their favorite boy group. What’s cute is that the products feature the members’ cartoon avatars. If you are an ARMY, you will have the dilemma to choose between your preferred shades or flavors and your bias! But if you can purchase them all, then why not? These BTS VT Cosmetics are definitely an adorable addition to every ARMY’s merchandise collection shelf. 

VT Cosmetics is a leading K-beauty brand which was actually launched as an oral care brand. It eventually expanded, and this across-the-board brand is now acknowledged not only for cosmetics but also for household necessities. VT Cosmetics utilizes natural materials, so people are impressed by its eco-friendly efforts.



Without a doubt, many are impressed by the Korean skincare and beauty sensation that they give it a go as they see the shining and timeless looks of Korean celebrities. Yes, even non fans are enticed. 

And talking about fans of Kpop, when their favorite groups endorse or use a certain product, the automatic response often by most fans is to buy the same and use the same! Since the groups they stan encourage them towards the product, fans believe they can trust the product, thus, they purchase. Additionally, it’s one of fans’ ways of showing love and support for their faves. That’s why the presence of Kpop boy groups as beauty brand endorsers greatly benefits brands for sure; fame-wise and profit-wise, truly, brands get their money back but tripled or more.  

What’s more important to realize regarding this matter is that having these Kpop boy groups as models of beauty brands breaks judgemental notions. Society’s stereotypes have taught everybody that only women can have skincare products or possess radiant skin, and that if you see men with these, they aren’t real men. These males prove how everyone can and should take care of their skin health and their looks. Besides, each person has a face and body to take care of, right? Right. 

There you have them. This is the end of this special 2-part article. In total, we talked about 8 K-pop boy groups. These particular K-pop groups are some of the many internationally famous K-stars who are making bigger images in the K-beauty industry and who are making the K-beauty industry’s image bigger! 




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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