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In today’s high-risk world, businesses must be hyper-vigilant to make sure that their property. (whether digital or physical) is kept protected and away from any form of harm. Businesses have recognized the importance of securing digital data and integrating protection measures to fight against cyber-risks. However, on the other hand, businesses seem to have forgotten the necessity of maintaining. Such measures for physical protection as well.

Environmental Monitoring

Incorporating environmental monitoring is essential for any business that has a physical presence. You need to make sure that access is controlled, all interactions/workings are monitored. And that you’ve always got an eye on everything and anything happening around your property.

More so, now is the time for businesses to be proactive in their approach. Taking the first step to integrating such security measures into their businesses before mere threats start turning into actual attacks.

In this piece, we’ll be focusing on the types of physical security measures that a business can undertake. With the hopes of giving you a starting point for your journey to creating a secure environment for your business and its employees.

Exterior Security Systems

As the name suggests, this relates to any systems that are placed at the outside perimeter of your business space. in other words, this builds a physical protective chain/bubble outside of your premises to ensure that no one tries to break in or breach the property limit itself.

This includes systems such as perimeter security fences or gate systems. Those are set up in order to provide not just surveillance but also make sure that the business puts up a secure front, a front that keeps any criminals far off from your property.

At the same time, your business should have 24/7 human surveillance through guards that can be hired for the purpose. These exterior systems also include guard shelters to provide security staff. A place to rest and keep watch from rather than having to be stationed outside, in the open all the time.

It should also now be obvious that this includes any fences or electric wires that are placed surrounding the business to keep it protected from any intruders.

Physical Security – Access control system

Even if someone has been able to breach the complex/physical space. you can still stop them before they enter restricted space and begin causing havoc. This is where access control systems come into play – systems such as biometric and non-biometric controls. Visitor management, ID badge solutions; and infrastructural changes such as turnstiles/mantraps.

With these systems in place, you can always keep tabs on people inside your premises. At the same time, this also prevents any unauthorized individuals from entering into restricted spaces, therefore adding an entirely new layer of security.

Physical Security
Physical Security

Closed-circuit television systems

As the name suggests, these refer to all video recording systems that are placed all over the premises to provide a bird-eye view of everything that happens within the building. With these recorders and video systems in place, you will be able to keep an eye on everyone.

One important factor to remember though is that such equipment needs regular maintenance and testing to ensure that it’s working properly and hasn’t been tampered with in any manner – so make a note of that before you set these up!

Intrusion detection systems

Imagine someone has somehow bypassed all security checks. And is now extremely close to getting access to secured data. But just as they’re about to break into a room. The trip on a motion detector sensor and the alarms go blazing – they’ve been caught.

If you’re looking to create such a scenario within your business. Then all you need to do is set up intrusion detection systems. These are systems such as glass break sensors, pressure sensors. Ultrasonic motion detection sensors, or simply vibration detection systems. The common aspect is that they’re able to pick up on aspects that might otherwise go unnoticed.

This is a great tool to implement in businesses that are housing extremely sensitive material. And will help create a whole separate layer of protection for them.

So what are you waiting for? Conduct a risk assessment for your business immediately. Figure out where you can set up some of these physical security systems and get to work! (before it’s too late.)

A good risk manager follows each and every step of the risk management process, as every project has risks to some extent. With the help of a risk management process, you can resolve problems when they occur. As those problems have been already analyzed. And strategies to mitigate them have already been developed. Find the Best Physical Security Consultant to get more deep information.

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