Learning The 5 Love Languages 

The 5 Love Languages is a famous book written by marriage counselor Gary Chapman. It’s received plenty of discussion from both critics and audiences, and for good reason. 

Chapman suggests five key ways to communicate love to your partner while also indicating that everyone has their own individual preferences. If you’re looking to show your partner how much you love them effectively, it’s worth finding out what sort of love they value the most. Here’s a quick guide to get you started. PS, this is only a guide and should not be taken as absolute gospel. If you’re after what Belle Delphine wants or think playing Bloodborne is your love language, I’m afraid you’re on your own.


Touch is the language of choice for those that appreciate close proximity. If a physical action such as a hug or a back rub from your partner means more to you than, say, a walk together, touch is probably one of your main love languages. 

Gift Giving

If you cry at the sight of a good gift, then this may be your love language. On the other hand, if your partner especially enjoys the surprise of a gift, be sure to get them something thoughtful that shows you understand and take an interest in their interests. They’ll very much thank you for it.  

Quality Time

For some, simply spending ample leisure time with your partner is the best way to show love. Those with quality time as their love language believe that everything’s better together and that shared experiences are crucial to a healthy relationship.

Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation refer to individuals who genuinely appreciate a warm, focused conversation with their partner. If this is your partner’s love language, try extra hard to listen carefully, and offer words of support and positivity. 

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is the love language for those that know they are loved when their partner goes out of their way for them. An act of service can be as simple as getting groceries, teaching them how to tie a tie, or picking them up from work. Though the act may seem insignificant, it means a great deal and shows them how much of a priority they are. 

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