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Loyalty in fuel retail – what makes a fuel customer loyalty program successful?

The competitive nature of the fuel market has seen a radical shift in the last few years. That is why fuel businesses are now focusing on offering better fuel products, personalised offers, discounts, additional services, cashback, etc. to win customer loyalty as a profound loyalty program can revolutionise a fuel retail brand. Fuel rewards program work as a crucial differentiator in today’s crowded markets.

Adding customer loyalty in fuel delivery business can help you improve customer experience, increase purchase basket size and margins, sometimes also to gain new customers and of course, gather data that can later better understand customer needs and behaviours and adapt future offers accordingly.

In this blog, we will show you what is an ideal consumer-centric, future-proof loyalty program. Besides this, we will also share some successful customer loyalty strategies that you can add to the on-demand delivery solution of your fuel business.

Components of an excellent customer loyalty program

A good customer loyalty program can improve customer retention, boosts revenue, build stronger customer relationships, differentiates a brand from its competitors and drives customer satisfaction. That is why you need to be careful while adding customer loyalty in fuel delivery app. Consider the following components for this:

Constant accessibility

An ideal customer loyalty program needs to be omnichannel. Keeping your loyalty program attractive to a different type of customer is key to success. Omnichannel loyalty programs facilitate an all-around engagement strategy by unifying customer data across multiple channels.

For this, you can enable customers to access the loyalty program using physical cards or with 24*7 call centre support, since less tech-savvy customers often prefer a human connection.

Personalised transactions

Shoppers are increasingly demanding a personalised engagement from retailers, and successful personalization can certainly drive conversions and repeat purchasing through relevant promotions and offers.

Personalization is a mass segmentation to create carefully tailored and relevant shopping experiences. A highly personalized approach to your customer loyalty program can lead to emotional relationships that transcend transactional relationships.

Repeat purchases

Sometimes loyal customers purchase more things than needed if you integrate the right customer loyalty programs. Give a discount or cashback when the customer buys fuel at a certain period. Thus, the customer would likely return to the same fuel retailer.

With a repeat purchase based program, you can also know your customers well on a first-name basis and learn more about them. Thus, repeat purchase creates a loyal customer-business relationship, and that is why customer loyalty matters.


Make a time-sensitive customer loyalty program that encourages customers to hasten. Be clear about your offer’s time-sensitivity, whether you use static, creative cues or a dynamic countdown timer.

Create urgency to convey scarcity, especially if what you’re offering is in limited supply. Inject some urgency into your marketing offer copy, by using the phrases like “Time is running out!” and “This offer won’t last forever”.

You can also point out your potential customers toward other customers who are sharing their positive experience with your brand with this phrase – “Everyone else is doing it!”.

4 best customer loyalty program practices for fuel business

With a comprehensive customer loyalty program, you can follow top-notch marketing strategies to attract new customers and allow you to turn your existing customer into loyal ones. Here are some mind-blowing loyalty methods for fuel delivery business that create better brand awareness:

Spending based customer loyalty program

With spending based loyalty customer programs, you can promote your services better. Customers would not only visit to find their favourite brand but also try to spend as much as possible on that visit.

A spending program has the benefit of increasing customers’ transaction amounts. As customers spend money in your store or on your services, it will increase their overall spending. They receive credit or a gift card when their spending will reach a certain amount.


Cashback is a great opportunity for customers to save money. For every given dollar amount spent, customers taking part in these rewards programs receive cashback to use on a later purchase.

Along with offering discounts, you need to tie up with some company. For this tie-up, pay a specific amount. But with cashback, you just have to give a little portion of the purchase amount. Furthermore, there is no need for any additional discount, if you are offering cashback to the customers.


If you use referral programs in your on-demand fuel delivery business, then you can easily get more customers for your product thanks to the word of mouth. Also, you can track the customers who are happily promoting your products over various platforms via forum or feedback.

Let us say if your customer refers your services to their friends and family, then he will receive a specific reward. So referral based customer loyalty programs are like a win-win situation for all the parties.

Social sharing

Social media marketing is a method of affiliate marketing. This can be as simple as an affiliate posting about the business’s product or service and tagging them in it. Sharing your customer’s reviews or photos with your product can increase your website traffic.

Along with this, you can track how much commission an affiliate will earn based on the interactions with their posts.

Wrapping Up

So, now you are aware of the loyalty customer programs, why not implement one for your business? Make sure that your loyalty program complements your fuel delivery business. However, choosing the right loyalty scheme and aligning the fuel business to implement a consistent marketing strategy is one of the biggest challenges.

The principal aim of loyalty programs is to boost fuel deliveries and garner the customer base. So, use these ideas wisely and revise them as and when needed. But keep your business goals in mind while designing a customer loyalty program.

Hope you liked this blog. Thanks for reading.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand cooking gas delivery solutions. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

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