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Manila Travel Guide 2021

Manila is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world. It offers an interesting mix of culture, historical sites, and experiences. However, the most impressive feature of Manila is that it is as lively during the day as it is at night, making it an ideal vacation spot for young and old. If you want to visit Manila this year below is a simple Manila Travel Guide 2021 and the relevant information about manila.

How to get to Manila


Manila is easily accessible through international or local flights from Cathay Pacific. Once you take flights, you will land in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), located in Pasay City. The airport has three terminals which are served by different airlines.

The Must-See Locations


Manila is not only known as the capital of the Philippines. This country has a great history. It is an excellent base for recovering travel in the years of colonization, wars, and, most importantly, the thriving city. This is Shown many of the many attractions spread in the town.

Whether you love history or are looking for adventures, this Philippine capital has something for everyone, young and old. Being a cultural center of the country, this metropolis has important museums and churches that not only describe the past of this city but are also a significant testimony of history. Start the day exploring “Intramuros, the oldest neighborhood in the city,” and feel the influence of Spain, which is still alive and well. Intramuros, known as the “Fenced City,” is a place where you can find most of the religious remains and the two main attractions of Manila. H. Manila Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Church.

Another important attraction of the trip to Manila is the “Rizal Park.” Rizal Park is located in the Gulf of Manila and is one of the most popular places for both locals and tourists. It hosts the Sino-Japanese Gardens, the National Museum of the Philippines, the National Library of the Philippines, the Planet, the Orchidarium, and the Butterfly Stand, and many other interesting attractions. But no trip to Manila is complete without going to Manila Ocean Park and the Manila Zoo.

Churches are another important attraction of this city-most of the time, people who seek divine peace visit these holy places. There are many famous churches in this city, but the most famous and well-known church is the Church of St. Augustine.

Getting Around Manila


Getting around Manila is very easy due to the variety of transportation modes available. These Transportation modes are taxis, buses, jeepneys, light rail (LRT), subway (MRT), and car rentals. Walking is also possible for only short-distance. The jeepneys are one of the most important vehicles that offer transport services to various routes in Manila. If you need to get rid of heavy traffic during peak hours, you may need to use LRT and MRT transport solutions.



Manila is a vibrant city where business and pleasure blend seamlessly. As any manila travel guide tells you, shopping for Manila is a must in this dynamic city. Meet your shopping needs by shopping in attractive malls or street markets and buy wherever you want. You can find almost everything with countless chic malls, convenient malls, flea markets, and trade stores. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos gather at malls every day to shop, relax, eat and play. SM Mall Asia is the largest mall near Manila Bay. For those who want to negotiate, Tiangge is the only way to visit Green Hills Mall and get a local style of negotiation.

Gourmet adventure


Food is probably one of the most important attractions for any international traveler. With countless unique restaurants in Manila, your choices will never diminish. You can taste the best restaurant deals in Manila for Italian, Japanese, French, and local Filipino cuisine. Manila is one of the best restaurants in the world. Travelers looking for authentic Italian cuisine should definitely try Bellini cuisine. . Bellini is at the Cubao Expo in Cuba, Manila. However, if you are interested in serving the best Filipino cuisine, you can visit Centro at Greenbelt 3 in Makati. Centro offers classic Filipino cuisine prepared with a modern approach. Manila local flavors will definitely spice up any dinner with friends.

 Manila Nightlife


Manila is one of the most amazing cities in the world. It is the capital of the Philippines. There are many facts about this city; One of them is that this city never sleeps. Countless bars and pubs and nightclubs keep the nightlife lovers strong. Nightlife in Manila is broadcast with clubs and bars throughout the city. Like any other metropolis, To experience all this splendor, fly into Manila. Makati City is home to the hottest night spots to have a drink and dance while you meet new and interesting people. There are also a number of bars and cafes in Rockwell, just outside the main Ayala neighborhood in Makati. Tomas Morato in Quezon City also has some of the best bars, restaurants. Upmarket Greenbelt Makati offers mock-ups of bars, restaurants, cafes close to each other for a diverse range of exotic entertainment and refreshing ambiance. Make you visit all of these places during your stay to really get a taste of Manila’s nightlife.

Where to stay in Manilla


Another good thing about Manila is that you can easily have a condo, apartment, or villa in the place just minutes away from where you want to enjoy most of the time, regardless of the beach or nightlife. These places are mostly furnished with stylish furniture and fixtures as Manila is known for its welcoming atmosphere and style. Popular areas on the tourist sites include vacation rentals in Manila Laguna Ortigas, Le Mirage De Malate, and Los Banos. Here you will find modern design studios. Only in Manila can you celebrate Chinese New Year and Christmas with the same vigor.

Where to relax in Manila?


The busy life of the city sometimes becomes quite tiring for you as a tourist. To this end, massage and spa centers have been established in Manila to provide a relaxing respite for guests like you. It offers several facilities for a variety of fitness programs and treatments ideal for rejuvenating the senses. When it comes to hotels in Manila, diversity is the only determining factor. There are many inns and hotels that are easily accessible.

When to visit Manila


If you plan to visit Manila, the ideal time to do so is between November and February, when the normally harsh tropical temperatures drop to manageable levels.



Besides the main attractions, there are much more interesting sightseeing and things to do in the city that have enough charm and appeal to make your Manila vacation thrilling. Manila has everything to please everyone who comes here. Pack your bags now, enjoy flights to Manila with Cathay Pacific and make your Manila vacation with its wonderful sights a great experience.

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